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This is just getting my feet wet. Its the prelude to a cursed life.

Submitted: July 07, 2011

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



Trying to write a book.


This is my attempt at am introduction. It's around 1,000 words. Read it and tell me what you think!


My first memory was a lullaby sung to me by my mother. We were in a damp cave with a dusty floor, my mother rocking me back and forth, whispering a sweet song. The horses in the front ambled about as far as they could with the ropes tied upon a rock. I never felt danger back then. My parents were always moving from one place to another, looking at the sky, talking feverishly about being followed. They never said what was following us though. They were so scared, but because I felt their love I felt safe. It’s that illusion that I have clung onto for all my life.


I remember my mom, her brown hair cut at the chin. Her blue eyes were always warm and loving, unless I did something wrong. Then they turned cold and fierce. Blue, darker then the sky, like the ocean, I was told. Her face was young and soft even though she was 65. Her skin was pale, light, so unlike me and my father. But after my mother died he always saw her ghost in me. I had her eyes.


The world was a wasteland that we scurried around, and yet I was so innocent, knowing nothing about what I was born into. But then my mother died. It was an agreement mom and dad came up with. If my mom died they would stop chasing us until I was 16. Why do they need me alive? I knew so little then. I was told to stay in the back of the cave and play. They sat me down, telling me over and over to stay, encouraging me to play with the toys they bought on our journeys. They wanted me to stay a child, but their urgency frightened me.  I had to see what was scaring my parents. I never saw them so scared before.


As they left I waited. My heart pounded in my chest, my lungs rasped and I shuddered. I needed to know what was happening. How stupid can they be to expect me to just pretend that nothing was going on? How could they want me to just sit and play with my toys? I slowly made my way to the front of the cave, hiding in the shadows to not be seen.

They were talking to strangers, two people. A lithe woman, sadistic as a cat, seemed ready to pounce. This strange woman was fierce, cruel. She stepped around my parents, looking at my mother closely, as a specimen. Her blond hair hung in dreadlocks and was pulled back. Her face was weathered, darkened over time, but her movements were quick. She looked at my mother closely, in the eyes, and pinched her here and there.  The boy stood next to her, watching with curiosity. His hair was red, and his face only started showing signs of a beard. He seemed unsure and eager. The woman completed her ad hoc examination, and whispered something in her ear. My mother crumpled. She started shaking violently, she started crying, and then her knees buckled. That cat woman flashed a sadistic smile and then her and her son left.  I did not know what the catlady said until after the beginning of the war. She probably said, “Too bad I can’t eat you.”


Minutes ticked by. I stayed frozen in the cave entrance. I wondered if I was going to die. My heart twisted in my chest, seeing my mother cry. She was brave, strong, and I wanted to be exactly like her once I was grown. She never cried. But she knelt in the sand, sobbing. My dad embraced her and whispered.


I felt it sometimes, a coldness flowing through my head. Pure evil on the horizon. I felt it sometimes, the thing chasing us, but it never got close. My father always found a way to trick them. But now that coldness was growing stronger. I never saw the coldness, I always just felt it, but today I felt sick as it drew ever closer.  Why weren’t we running?! Why were they sitting there? I wanted to scream at them, to get us to dive into the cave and go as deep as possible away from the evil. That evil couldn’t fit into the cave. It would send in the evil catlady, but we could just stab her, right? My head felt dizzy as the evil grew closer. Slowly, after an hour or two, it was there, the horror of my nightmares. Earth Dragon. Its skin was black and reflective, sucking in the light. It’s pupil less eyes glowed red. Despite the giant teeth filled its mouth it spoke in a raspy, guttural voice. The catlady translated: “The Demon Derashk has granted you the opportunity to save your daughter’s life in exchange for your own. We have come to this agreement because, frankly, the chase has gotten dull. All the manpower used to pursue you is draining resource. Though in the end had we waited longer we still would have found you anyways we have decided that getting rid of one of you now and sparing the other until later is the wiser decision. You will both die anyways, but your daughter will be spared until she is 16. Do we still have an agreement?” Andromeda nodded. My mother!


My father kissed my mother, caressed her face one last time and started walking back to the cave. He didn’t look back. My mother was frozen, on her knees, her hands next to them, her torso folded over.  The catlady forced her to her feet and took a knife to the back of her shirt, severing the cloth cleanly. “Remove your boots.” She instructed firmly.  My mother was stripped bare. Derashk opened his giant maw, and knelt. He closed it at my mother’s abdomen.  The sharp teeth punched through the skin of her belly, went through her intestines, kidneys, severed her spine and snapped her body in two. I fainted, as my father came closer he watched me as I died.


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