RESULTS!! Annual Short Story Competition

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These are the winners for my annual Short Story Competition! Well done!

Submitted: February 01, 2012

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Submitted: February 01, 2012




Here are the long-awaited results of my annual short story comp. Many entered, and after many weeks of hardcore writing, some fell behind. What we have here are the true warriors of writing! Well...if you want to think so ^_^ Why not?

So finally the results!


1st- Avid Escapist.......Forever with you.

This story was truly a good one. Very emotional and made you really think about what you've got in life, and to never take things for granted. I loved every second of it!


2nd- Archia.............Blue

Another very moving story. I loved how the character saw everything to be beautiful when she could not see anything at all. Very much tells how true beauty is on the inside, not the outside. Well done!


3rd- Solo Girl..............Red Neck Santa and Rudolph

Very funny, it entertained me the whole way. An excellent take on a redneck christmas. Great job!


4th- WeasleyTwinLover18....................Paled, dead and Frozen in the Snow

Excellently written! Loved it all the way, and especially the end, very emotional.


5th- GuardianAngel85.........Secret of the Niagra

Another well-written story! I loved the story line and the hidden humour of Carter. Very interesting and I enjoyed reading it. Especially loved how there was a romance at the end ;)


Final 5 (in this case 2):

-Yasoora............Moonlight in the Morning

-SmileValentine.......Detective Randolf

Both were well-written with very interesting storylines. I enjoyed them both! However there were a few grammar errors, but don't let that phase such good stories! ^_^ Well done.


So there are the results everyone! You all did a fantastic job! I loved each and everyone's stories, you guys are truly amazing writers ^_^

So with the prizes, I will start by doing one at a time, since I have a lot of reading to get through! Also when I said I would read so and so amount of your novels, I may not read every single chapter to the end if, say, there are like 25 chapters. So please understand that. However I will make sure to read a decent amount and leave general feedback in a comment ^_^

Thankyou for taking part in this competition, I hope you all had fun! I know I did!

So until next year, enjoy writing! And don't let anyone or anything stop you from doing what you love!!

-Dare2Dream xx


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