Hope by Athena2012

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This poem depicts the helplessness of human beings against the hands of reality. How we have strayed from being empathic towards one another and how mechanical our lives have become.
Amidst all the hardships we still have hope that keeps us going...

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012




I See the children on the streets,
with their bare-feet and skin,
making somehow a living;

I See the brilliant young chap,
with his certificates all wrapped,
spending his sweat in joblessness;

I See youth wasted away on drugs,
some end up being goons and thugs,
so oblivious of direction;

I See a man of ideals,
shunned by superficiality,
in the grasp of ignorance,
Who will listen to his plea?

I See the battered woman,
dying everyday in the hands of her abusive husband,
crying in silence;

I See the poor old grandfather,
sitting in the park,
left by frailty by his able sons in the dark,
Did he raise his offsprings for this day?

I See people in so many places,
hiding their misery from their faces,
no one is happy;

I See me in you,
is that the same way too,
for I am no different,
in blood and bones;

The world awaits an awakening,
it's calling out to you and me,
we need a new beginning;

So damn this racism, damn this frigidity,
We can all live in harmony,
let us change our mentality,
there is still Hope.

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