The Protectors

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A very short story about "household"/family ancestral spirits and a girl growing up.

Submitted: September 20, 2014

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Submitted: September 20, 2014



~~The Protectors

All off my life I had seen shadows. My shadow, the tree’s and then the little glimpses of something else. Those little glimpses appeared as shadows and points of light. They had always been with me. They were there on my first day of school. I cried when mommy left me with Mrs. McDonald. She was old and had a faint scent of liquor on her breath. I cried all morning. I sat on the playground alone with my head down. But just when I thought I’d cry some more the shadow and then the lights appeared. I felt warm and protected. The shadow and lights flew around me and I chased them. I felt good. I knew that everything would be okay.
The shadow and the lights were with me always. One late afternoon I was playing outside and I saw them again. So, I decided to chase them around. They landed, but just as I got closer, they would take off flying again. I enjoyed it. It seemed like they did too. Whenever I would play with them, I would hear a little humming noise and a bit of laughter and sometimes even little bells. But, I never saw their faces.
One afternoon, while I was waiting for them to appear, I heard my grandmother and mommy talking in the kitchen. I eavesdropped of course. They were talking about me. And I heard the words “protectors” mentioned and something about old New Orleans. I wondered what they meant. I listened further and found out that the “protectors’ had followed our family from New Orleans to L.A. I didn’t know what to think. Then they appeared and I played until sunset.
They were there again when I was 13 and got into a fight during PE with Marlene Gorshak. Just when I thought I was losing the fight, the shadow and the lights appeared and the fight was over. I actually didn’t win the fight. Marlene had me on the ground, and then she suddenly tumbled backwards. I was just as shocked as Marlene. I am sure that she heard the humming noise and the giggle when she fell on her bottom. After that, each time she saw me, she would just turn around and go the other way.
 I always knew that they’d be there. And I took them for granted and one day when I was 17, I forgot about them. I was so busy with prom, clubs, parties, and boyfriends. One night they had showed up near the window. But, I ignored them, because I had my pep squad friends over. After that I never saw them again. I mourned over it for a while and then life went on.
One day I was walking near 5th and Hill St., Downtown. This man approached me and asked for a “donation”. He had a gun. I fell to my knees in fear and just before I could turn over my purse to him, the shadow and the lights appeared. The man ran away. The shadow and lights danced around me and I never forgot them again.

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