The Tale of Bloody Bones

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The Tale of Bloody Bones is a short re-telling of the folk tale/urban legend. It is featured in my book Spooky Folktales and Legends (Dai'Quiriya Martinez)

Submitted: October 12, 2014

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Submitted: October 12, 2014



~~The Tale of ....Bloody Bones (by Dai’Quiriya Martinez from Spooky Folktales and Legends) © 2014

Bloody-Bones is in the closet
So don’t you go in there
Bloody-Bones is under the stairs
But don’t look through the cracks
He’s sitting on naughty children
Their bones all in a stack….

Of course Ronald didn’t listen to his mother. So he went into the closet and took a peek. Nothing was there. So he rapped on the stairs to see what would happen and said, “Bloody Bones, Bloody Bones…I sought you out, but you’re not home.” Then Ronald laughed it off and went up to his room.
Later that night Ronald heard something that sounded like footsteps outside of his bedroom door. He thought that it was his mother coming to tuck him in as usual. He waited. But mom never came. He walked downstairs and saw a pot on the stove. His mother’s clothes were in a bloody pile in the corner. He walked to the boiling pot and as went closer there was a strange stench that he could not place. He looked into the pot and it was filled with bones and flesh. He heard someone or something clear its throat in the corner. He looked around and “Whack!”

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