Transmogrifying the numb world

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It's horrifying to read the bloodbath war.But wee know the fact that it would have been sorely horrific for the one who had faced them.
Here is a short description of those feelings which revolves around the people who have to bear such demoniac sight!!

Submitted: June 22, 2012

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Submitted: June 22, 2012






Transmogrifying the numb world


The Sky was crying to see the corpse,

And was berating the culprit’s soul

But those deaf men couldn’t hear those scolding

Instead they slay some more.


They call it “war”

A means to bring peace’

A means to win their nation

By slaying many innocent souls

And then seeking for some more.



I know my eyes couldn’t bear such a sight,

So I gazed at the firmament and heaved a sigh,

“OH! How worthless men have proved.” I thought He said when he roared.


I see my friends and brothers falling’

Their crying soul wailing….

Their dying heart praying….

Not for mercy…but for DEATH!!

‘cause who wants to live in a world where the land is being deified.


I’m calling out to their numb heart to give a beat,

But the cold soul is deaf…..and gone.

GONE?!...and left me alone to bear the venomous war.


NO! I can’t bear it.

Surely I can’t.

So can’t let it happen.

Can’t let anguish enshroud this world

Can’t let go innocence from this world.


I won’t die by those hands of butchers

Instead…I’ll rebel

‘cause they have no right to take my life.

They have no right to take others life.



I’ll transmogrify this numb world into the way it was,

And let these winds spread this message like a trotting horse.

So that others realize that we are not here to bear the injustice

But are a mere human which is the impeccable gift of God.


I know He’ll succor as He has done till now

All I ask is for just little favor from you all.


I’ll choose the paths of demons,

But my feet will never touch the ground.

Because I want to eradicate this path

 To make a world without lies…


© Copyright 2019 Atiba Sheikh. All rights reserved.

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