Happiest day of my life

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The story of our first date.

Submitted: July 08, 2009

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Submitted: July 08, 2009



Wednesday. My first date with Cameron. In fact, my first date with a guy, ever.

He lives far away, like 4 hours, we had never met before.

So I got up, showered and got ready. Walked outside and missed the bus. Lol. So I caught the next one, me and Cameron were txting our excitement so much to eachother on my way there. We couldn't believe it. We were actually going to meet! (We met on myspace and had been talking for a few weeks)

I caught the bus to the city, and got on a train at the city, I didnt know the train would take 3 HOURS to get to the station I had to get off at. So I waited. We waited. He waited. The time went by excruciatingly slowly. It was killing me.

I got to the station at about 11am and from there I had to get another bus, which took an hour to finally get to see Cameron. It felt like so much longer.

I got off the bus, he was there. We both smiled. We couldn't be ourselves properly, so many homophobes are where he lives so we acted straight for the time being. \"\"

We walked to the cinemas (it was a long walk) we talked the entire way. When no one was looking I played with his hair while we were walking and he blushed. \"\"

We got to the cinemas, bought our tickets, we had an hour to waste, so wasted it with more walking and talking. It was a perfect. Also the day, it was perfect. Clear blue skies, no clouds, not cold, not hot just, pleasant.

Finally it was time for the movie. There were hardly any people there but we were still kinda worried people might look at us. So we waited for lights to dim down. When they finally did, I put my hand out, he grabbed it and we were holding hands throughout the entire movie from that point on, caressing at every possible moment. \"\"

We went to see the movie "Year One", there was a part where two people kissed, I looked at Cameron, he was looking at me. I told him that I was so jealous of them. Then he moved in and kissed me. I felt like my heart was flying at that moment. After he was done, I was smiling so much, and he said he had never kissed anyone before. I told him I loved it, it was perfect. After that I kissed him on the cheek. Then he asked me, if I would be his boyfriend. I told him he didnt say please. When he did, I said yes. \"\"

Finally the movie ended and I told him to wait for everyone else to leave, once they were all gone, he got up and I hugged him from behind, burying my face in his hair. Then we walked to the door, and I stopped him again and hugged him again.

We walked out and the people outside looked at us funny cause we took so long to leacve, but we didn't care. \"\"

(BTW, we can't show our affection in public, people would probably yell at us, verbally maybe even physically abuse us, plus, he wasn't exactly out of the closet, and its a small town so people who know people will tell people who don't like him and, yehh).

After that, we went walking around these shops, still talking, we talked about so much for so long. Soon it was time that he and I both had to leave. We went to check the times for the buses. We had 10 minutes, and we needed to find a place that was secluded so we could say good-bye properly.

We found these stairs, secluded, alone, with forest and trees all around us so no one could see us. We hugged, we didn't let go. We kissed. We looked into eachothers eyes. Then a lady came past us and Cameron said he heard my stomach rumble, then I blurted out how when I was in an exam at school once people heard my stomach rumble and laughed at me (I said this to sort of make the lady not notice together, which was stupid lol but oh well). That ruined our moment haha.

We were walking back to the bus stop. I stopped him a few more times, hugged him, kissed him. Held his hand more, then when we were away from the steps we couldn't be close anymore \"\".

He got on his bus and left. While we were waiting for his bus to leave we were making heart hand shapes at eachother. \"\"

Then it left, and I suddenly felt empty. I had to go home, without him.

So that was the end of my date, but not the end of my day.

I caught the hour long bus back to the train station, it was night time by the time I got there. I was BUSTING i really needed to go to the bathroom, so I did. When I got out, the train left. I thought oh well. Then out loud, I said Oh well I will catch the next one. The train staff person said no I wont, that was the last one.

\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\" WHAT?!!!!!!

I went oh shit.. I need to call my mum. So I did. Boy did I get an earful. My dad had to leave work early (he works night shift) to come and get me. He had to drive from an hour and a half to get to where I was. I was about 2 hours drive away from where I lived.

That night, while I was waiting for my dad, my mum rang me and yelled at me to explain why I was so far away. She said I lied and all this stuff, because I couldn't explain why I was so far away. (She doesn't know I am gay, neither does my dad or my sister or brother. I have two brothers, one knows, hes good with it though).

She made me cry over the phone, so I ran to somewhere secluded to let out my sorrows. Cameron rang me and made me feel alot better, I heard his voice and immediately felt better.

Then my dad got there, (mind you after being alone in an industrial park for about 1.5 hours), he wasnt angry. He told me that this better be over a girl, not a boy or he will be pissed at me.

I told him it was a girl. My dad thinks I am dating a 16 year old blonde girl named Cameron. I pretty much based my entire fake description on Cameron Diaz. Lol. I feel so bad though, I lied about him. and I lied to my dad.

But yeh so, I am grounded, my mum is angry at me, my dad is happy cause I have someone to "tap" lol (my dads a crack up) and I am the happiest guy in the world after my first date with Cameron.

This was the best day of my life, even though the ending sucked.

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