This tells the story of a pilot who disappears over the Bermuda triangle.

The plane’s systems lost its guide…
this place must have something to hide.
The place shorted out my landing gear…
---clear to mists; mists to clear---
I survived the crash; the mist now away; I now saw what Atlantis is…so I have to stay.
There was vehicles engaged in majestic flight…yet there was no propellers; engines; wings, in sight.
Yet, learning of this place gives a price so severe…
-------clear to mists; mists to clear----
I am now a citizen of an unknown land…to the rest of the world, my wife, my kids, I am gone like eroded sand.
I have now sent a warning out of Atlantis; for those who wish not to lose everything they hold dear…
------clear to mists; mists to clear----

Submitted: May 17, 2011

© Copyright 2023 atlantian. All rights reserved.

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