Portals Of Perfection

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"Portals Of Perfection" is the storytelling of the uniquely horrific, but bizarre way reapers get their quota of souls fulfilled if they have no currently in-dying clients...enjoy

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013




Portals Of Perfection ( Chapter 1 prologue )

You reap what you sow….at least the lazy ones do. So many of us have quotas to fulfill and after all, there are only SO FEW of you.

When it’s all death and done, it’s the reaper who is swift and resourceful who creams the crop…which leads me back to my opening quip; “you reap what you sow”, a.k.a “Plan B.” for reapers who are low on quota.

Now you may ask, if we reapers are meant ONLY to destroy life, why would we even in the SLIGHTEST attempt to sow anything of our clients’ lifes at all? Well, I’ll tell you, my fine friends, I’ll tell you, it’s because a human soul ADORES the power of our miracles. And WE enjoy the relief of not losing our existence to Oblivion.

An uneducated mortal would wonder then, what’s the difference between selling US your soul, or selling a DEMON your soul?

It’s Elementary my meatbags, quite simple really: when you sell your soul to us, there’s no definite bind to hell, instead, you get judged on how you used our miracles, as well as the pureness or wickedness of your soul is taken into account.

Our “Miracles” are ones relating to time, since it is the recreational magic we are entitled to.

We can rewrite your life in one good emotion of your choosing, and allow you to relive it, relish in it, rejoice in it.

But once you return to the present, we await your divine payment as well you face the consequences of your manipulations. Such is the way of our Portals Of Perfection.

I should mention that on occasion, depending on the soul, our quota may become exempt, and thus our Miracles are wiped from your life, and replaced with your normality.

Such events humans should hold in HIGH gratitude if they receive it. In fact, you humans should even hold high gratitude of the PRIVILEDGE of having an eternal place bad or good to reside in.

 Reapers are a dime a dozen, and if we die by our quota, then we don’t exist, and another is summoned in our place. Sounds Tragic doesn’t it? Spare me the pity, you’ll never comprehend it. No I mean it, you really never won’t.

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