Alex cross- Murder in a secret room

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This story is about a murder which takes place and the police call upon the world's number 1 detective to solve the case Alex Cross.Will he solve the case or not. Read and find!!

Submitted: October 26, 2012

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Submitted: October 26, 2012



Mr.Lewon was coming back after watching film Indiana Jones. It was 2:00 in the morning. He is a great scientist. He is 4 miles away from his home. He was at Parker's ST. Today, he has to give a Theory presentation about Microbes. The presentation is at 9:00 am.

When it was time to reach the auditorium Mr.Lewon did not reach the auditorium. People tried calling him at this phone. No one answered. So the organizers had to cancel the presentation and they had to come to his home. Then they realised that HE WAS MISSING!!!

Organizers contacted detective agency and informed them about Lewon missing. Detective Alex with his team reached his home in no time to investigate. They searched entire house for any possible clue.

All things at his house are shattered. Papers, coats, were shattered on the floor. Few items like tables, broke. The scene looked like someone searched his house for something. Then the detective opened an almara. he once glanced at it and he saw a piece of cloth stuck to a wall. He removed the cloth and saw that it was not a wall but it was a room itself. Detective entered into the room and found Mr Lewon dead.

He kept the peice of cloth with him as a clue. He searched all over the room for any other possible clues. He then glanced at a book named My Discoveries.

 Then Alex went to Roger's home. Roger was Mr.Lewons best friend who was helping in the experiment Mr.Lewon did. The next day he went to Roger's home and they were disscusing about the Murder of Mr.Lewon. Roger went to get tea for Mr.Alex Cross. Then Mr.Alex Cross started looking here and there and for his surprise, he saw the dairy of Mr.Lewon.

The other clue for Mr.Alex Cross was that he observed the shirt of Roger and it was the same as Roger's which was stuck inside the almara.  Then Roger told that he knows the speech of Mr.Lewon and he is going to present it the next day. Mr.Alex cross did not tell anything.

The next day he did not reveal the truth before the speech because it would be benifited to the world. After the speech before Roger left, Mr.Alex was talking with Roger and told him that he Knows who the murderer was, Roger was surprised and was happy at this sight.

Mr.Alex told it was a person called Roger. Roger heard that and triend to escape but Mr.Alex was ready for that. He called all the police in the city before the theory and the police surrounded him . Roger was kept in jail for lifetime. 

After Roger was kept in jail Alex cross concluded to the police that he saw my discoveries book in Roger's home and the cloth which was stuck in wall was matching to his shirt. I took a wild guess and I could say that it is true because he started running away as soon as he heard my words.

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