Clear as Glass

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Submitted: February 16, 2012

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Submitted: February 16, 2012



I can feel you there, 
at the edge of my thoughts, 
hidden in misery and pain. 

My past haunting me, 
my sadness overwhelming, 
confusion settling in. 

Sadness has consumed me, 
happiness unreachable, 
convince myself, 
that I'm trying, 
but in truth, 
I'd given up a long time ago, 
when life seemed so dark, 
and anger was me. 

My life shining brighter, 
but my past a blanket, 
putting out my fire, 
at every spark. 

Love so confusing, 
for my love differs, 
from that of yours, 
mine so dark, 
my heart so unreachable, 
seeking its parts, 
but they are forever missing. 

Trying too hard, 
trying too little? 
My mind has been overturned, 
in a sea of confusion. 

My questioning eyes, 
my seeking heart, 
my life lost. 

I walk alone in my dreams, 
with you in the distance, 
so far away. 

My past my shadow, 
my light so dim, 
should i run? should i stand my ground? 
Should i fight? 
Can i ever live, 
and escape my shadow? -kevyne hampton 

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