Brilliant 18

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story of how an eighteen year old girl surpassed all of the dilemma she will encounter. She will never thought that on finding answer for her problems, she will find love. But on this discovery, what would weigh more? Love, Family, Success or Friendship?

Table of Contents

Beautiful Disaster

This is a story of how an eighteen year old girl surpassed all of the dilemma she will encounter. You might see it as a heavy drama one but it will only be in the start of the drama. Read Chapter

New Family

New Characters: Daniel Zobel- Friend of Gelo Ayala which has a big crush on Inna. Will these infatuation or love can help Inna? B... Read Chapter

When Fate Begins

New Characters: Maya Cruz- Maid of Geneva Chapter III: When Fate Begins Inna woke up from bed and told to Eunice what she had... Read Chapter

A Start of Something New

Chapter IV: The Start of Something New Inna never said to anyone what she had experienced inside the house of her aunt. Inna have... Read Chapter

Intentions of Fate

New Character: Ms. Claudia Ayala - The wicked mother of Angelo who only knows how to reach her wants Watson Gomez- The driver of ... Read Chapter

Isn't Love?

Chapter VI: Isn’t Love? While Angelo is driving his car going back to their house, he asked himself why he kissed Inna. “Ar... Read Chapter

To Get Along With

New Characters: Madam Clarita Ayala - The grandmother of Angelo. She is a good person with a kind heart. She will defend Inna from he... Read Chapter

Pains, Surprises and Bereavement

New Characters: Elaine Chapter VIII: Pains, Surprises and Bereavement Geneva went back on her house and called her maid Maya.... Read Chapter


Chapter IX: Farewells Inna can’t accept Grandma’s plans for her. On the other hand, Geneva called Inna and wanted her to go to h... Read Chapter

The Second Contract

Chapter X: The Second Contract Angelo and Inna talked about their new contract. They have decided to make an agreement which aims to... Read Chapter


Chapter XI: Realizations Angelo ran into Inna’s house but he didn’t see her. He called Inna but she always cancels the call. He ... Read Chapter

Running Back to You

Chapter XII: Running Back to You Angelo ran very fast. He tried to wait for the elevator but it was too long so he decided to go to ... Read Chapter

Unconcealed Truths

Chapter XIII: Unconcealed Truths The next day, Inna is ready to leave the country. “Gigi and Maya, if there would be any prob... Read Chapter

The Arrivals and Departures

New Characters: Monique Ayala - The eldest sister of Angelo Ayala. What mystery she has? Chapter XIV: The Arrivals and Departures... Read Chapter


Chapter XV: Goodbyes The police went to the said office and carefully tried to rescue the hostage victim but they cannot enter the s... Read Chapter

The Brilliance of Love

Chapter XVI: The Brilliance of Love (Final Chapter) After a week, Inna is already leaving Philippines and she will be going to Unite... Read Chapter