Song of Inna (Brilliant 18 Special Poem For Dino)

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A poem for Inna's brother named Dino...
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Submitted: October 09, 2009

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Submitted: October 09, 2009



There was times, I couldn't help my self but cry

I miss the things we used to do so I try

But I miss you more and I want to see you now

How can I do it if I had already pledge a vow

And I can't remember your face anymore

Oh God, please help me more so I'll not be bored

My life wouldn't be complete without you, my brother

You are my hope and my one and only brother

I remember those times when I want to sigh

And you were there to help me out to those things to say goodbye

I know it would take a long time but I know

This would be better to make us stronger

But I want to see your face again

And I don't want pictures in my hand

It really matters when you're in my side

And you, you take my pain on a ride

I wouldn't forget...

I would never forget you, my brother,

my friend 'til the day we'll meet again...

And I will take care of your pictures,

My brother....

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