Y Vendetta

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This might be none sense story since I wrote without any idea. With an idea of making a thriller, it turned to a none sense one...

It was a dim night, where everyone is asleep. A girl murmurs by her bed.

No one can understand what she is saying but until one night, something happened.


Her mother screamed very loudly with the feeling of scare.

All of the knobs in the house became locked. All of the lights seems to be broke because it was like a blinking star.

But her mother runs very fast... The girl disappeared.

The mother became nervous. She sat on a chair but on a blink of an eye, the girl held her feet under the said furniture. The girl pulled it. The day after, the mother was seen dead while the girl is missing.

She was on the street seems to be alone but on her side is a girl who wants to take revenge.

After 10 years, the girl is now a beautiful lady.

She forgot everything about her past since she was adopted by a rich old lady but the lady was found dead 13 days after she enlisted all of her properties to the girl.

If you care to know her name, she is Delilah Moore. Since she turned twenty one, she slept with different guys and after thirteen days, those people died because of one reason they were killed by knife which seems to be accidentally.


On a full moon which is also a solstice and friday the 13th, they became one.

She changed her name.

She is now Fucshia Kim Marietta Esperon.

While she is walking on a night, she saw an actor.

She went to him and whispered something.

Nobody knew it but they went to a motel.

Thirteen days after, the actor suicide but his spirit is said to be on a bottle.

This rumor was not comfirmed.

Three actors also died after that and all the same on what Kim did.

Marlin, an actor who has a paranormal ability, feels something ahead.


Kim's name is getting louder in the nation so she changed her name again and took a plastic surgery.

She killed an actress and used her face. The remains became a fertilizer.

The said actress is the most beautiful actress in the town.

She maked love with many actors but those people died.

Marlin knew he would be the next.

He ran and ran but he can't escape this girl.

The girl seems to be very slow but on a glimpse of your eye, she is already on your front and ready to whisper.

The two went to a hotel. Marlin took of his clothes as well as the girl. They were ready to make love but the girl cried.

"HELP ME!!!" The girl said.

"HOW CAN I?" Marlin replied.

"MAKE LOVE WITH ME. ALL OF THEM REFUSED TO. THEY SAID I AM INSANE..." The girl's words was not yet finished because a spirit came to her body.


The spirit was not shocked when Marlin kissed her passionately. The night was long as well as the morning.

Everything was fine now for the girl but not for the guy for he saw what is the experience of the spirit.

It was 1532. The girl was raped by many guys. She was abused by two days by different guys. After one month, she knew she was pregnant. Her father doesn't know anything about the rape so his father slapped her. Her suffering was not yet ended, she gave birth into twins but both of them were dead because her father abused her. She want to take revenge. She killed her father as well as her neighbor witnesses but Marlin was more shocked when he became the girl in 1532.  He can't controll his self. The pacing was so fast but not the first two days. Those days turned to be almost 13 days but the remaining days was just minutes then he planned to suicide.

"I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! JUMP!" Said by the spirit but he didn't.

She pulled his feet and the Marlin died.

50 years later, the girl died because of STD and she was happy she had it.

Submitted: October 09, 2009

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