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Written for those going away for college or moving out on thier own for the first time.

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011




By: Joe Attanasio 2011





Independence is a wonderful thing.

“On My Own”, has a very nice ring!

All the decisions are mine, all mine.

I just know that I will be fine.



No reason to explain, no one to answer to.

To my own self be true!!

Ah! The freedom to chose my way.

To decide when to work, when to play.


My parents left behind,

I don’t have to tow the line!

My old friends that knew me,

To far away to see.


The slate is clean I can start anew,

Be who I want, do what I do.

My reins are gone gone,

My past forlorn.


No one to make me sleep,

My own clock I can keep.

I can eat and drink,

Whatever I think.


This little bird is free,

To do what I want, be what I be.

But alas, along with independence you see,

There comes the burden of responsibility!


The choices I make, the decisions I act on,

Affect my being, as I am judged by my actions.

So perhaps I should ponder my choices more carefully.

So I can end up the person I want to be me!



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