A Mirror Assunder (Our Stand)

Poem by: Atton Brown


tell me what you think please, i havent written in awhile


Submitted: December 28, 2010

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Submitted: December 28, 2010



The mirror is asunder, floating down an assinine stream

Beneath a bridge of emotion, frustration and anger teem

Mistakes pollute the water, and fear a whirlpool swirling

Confusion inside too, the past is merely hurling

Tossing itself at you, though it should be excluded

Moving passed the past, and the pool of your heart and mind are diluted

The shattered reflection shows us pieces of who we really are

Some good, some evil, some overzealously bizarre

But if you could would you really change yourself?

Truly, imagine a world lacking your wealth

Not money or paper, or coins and gold

But your self-worth, self wealth, what will be around when you get old

Each of us contributes something valuable

I promise, even if you can’t see it, it’s not always palpable

But neither are the most important things, like life or love

You have to trust and have faith, like if someone told you there’s a god above

You’d but faith in him, so you can put your faith in you

To do what you think you can’t do

You see, thinking and knowing are two separate beasts

But thought provoking knowledge is oxymoronic to say the least

Gah, I ramble too much

Getting lost in trying to “think” and such

I try to just take each day, knowing the consequences of my actions

Though it’s people reactions

That usually brings my satisfaction…


Do you know why you’re afraid when you’re alone? I do

It’s because there’s no one there beside you

To guide you

To protect you

Secretly expecting the masses to respect you

When you’ve done nothing to earn it

So take your foolish pride and burn it

Or turn it

Into something useful

Use fools

To get you what you want

Then taunt?

You’re proud of your manipulation, I bet

Using scare tactics, you’re just a marionette

A puppet master pulling strings like we’re your fuckng toys

Tape on our mouths, but happens when we rip it, cut the strings and start making noise?

What happens when we rise against?

No one to come to your defense

Cuz everyone that could help

You’ve treated like a whelp

But now they attack

And you’re taken aback

By the lashes on your back

Oh…the familiar scars

Now your skins looks just like ours


I’m getting angrier and angrier as I write

I’ve tried with all my might

To ignore this ignorance

Acting like its okay, causing immense


But your love, most days

Sets a fire ablaze

Greater than my rage

It blocks out my anger

But I’m a stranger

To this feeling

It’s sent my mind reeling

And now I’m off in this tangent

I’m not sure I can stand it


That is, but I’m not. Your light has shone

And everything gets better

Damn…now I sound like some sappy love letter…


But can I help my emotion?

The devotion

I feel to certain things, certain people

It’s like a priest and his steeple

The church and its people

Excuse the metaphor I’m not here to preach

But merely practice what I try to teach

And my lesson is this, so listen and learn

What is here that can stop you, truly stop you from doing what you yearn?

What you want, and desire

Unless you let them, no one can put out that fire

The flame

No one can tame

And it’s a shame

When I see you give up or give in

You act like trying your hardest is a sin

You wanna know a secret? It’s not

So what’s to stop you from giving all you’ve got?

Nothing, not one damn thing. There’s not one single obstacle

That you can’t overcome. Anything’s possible


And the mirror still floats asunder


The same bridge until you decide to mend

Not to pretend

And act like things are going to change

Imagination doesn’t win the wars we wage

The sage

You have, use it

The fear you have, lose it.

Cast it away

And the day

You finally can

Is the say we take our stand

© Copyright 2017 Atton Brown. All rights reserved.

A Mirror Assunder (Our Stand)

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



tell me what you think please, i havent written in awhile
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