Day to Night

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Day hides what night reveals.
My retrun after a LONG ....well recovery Please tell me what you think

Submitted: September 07, 2010

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Submitted: September 07, 2010



Day turns to night and I can feel your spirit

It’s when the sun is farthest, that the truth is nearest

The silhouette of a broken man

Encompasses the broken land

Waterfall eyes and sorrowful moans

Painted on smiles make for painful groans

Artificial emotion is all that shows

Cuz if the real breaks through it’ll cut like bows

Bows and arrows, Robin Hood

A shroud of shadows hides all that’s good

But good and evil, right and wrong

Are different tunes to the same song

A melodic, chaste, and grinning chorus

Retched by something so abhorrent

That the fragile lines are blurred

And the brittletruth is slurred

Day and night become the same word

Night turns to day and I can feel you no more

All the true emotion washes up on the shore

Pushed and pulled; destroyed by the tide

It merely disguises what you hide

Every petty lie, each piece to your puzzle

All the secrets you keep nestled behind a muzzle

Stay and remain

The light hides the truth but reveals the pain

Erases your name

But enunciates your shame

In your heart, or your twisted version

Your know your faults, your own perversions

So why does truth not guide your motions?

Why do you submit to these emotions?

Why do you accept the hand you’re dealt?

Take the cards and flip them, but expect no help

Don’t follow a trial

Or stay weak and frail

Blaze a path, lead even when u fail

Try again, once, twice, thrice

But to be honest, I think it’s time I took my own advice…

© Copyright 2017 Atton Brown. All rights reserved.

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