Gears on my Mind

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Sometimes my mind just takes over

Submitted: July 23, 2010

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Submitted: July 23, 2010



Gears on my mind turning more than ever
Hamster on its wheel going like it’s forever
Runnin’ runnin’ keep runnin’ runnin’
Shunnin shunnin’ they shunnin’ shunnin’
us out.
All this doubt
But they can’t see we’re already on top
King Kong climbing the Empire State
We won’t stop
Hear the sounds of the planes whirring? They’re coming for us
Gunning for us
Eager to fear what they can’t explain
Always tryin’ to define us, make us tame
Good and evil? They’re the same
No difference, only choice
No sound but your voice 
Silence all this doubt
Hate, malice, ill emotions
Still emotions
Guide how you move
And it behooves…
The gears on my mind keep turning
Thoughts keep burning
A hole in my mind
Cause a wrinkle in time
Sporadic contemplation
of the final destination

So many things I wanna discuss
My disgust
In this world
Where is the love?
Makes me wanna hurl
Remember the dove?
The one that said the earth was pure again
after the flood. I miss him
Wonder why he hasn’t returned
Cuz this earth is going to Hell, he’d probably burn
And the gears on my mind spin more than ever
A mass of thoughts, musing, go on forever…

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