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We can't change the world unless we change ourselves. But to change ourselves we have to know who we are

Submitted: June 14, 2010

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Submitted: June 14, 2010



Imagine the most gut wrenching feeling you’ve ever felt
A twisting knob in the pit of your stomach.
Sometimes we contemplate the hands we’ve been dealt
Sometimes we just go…fuck it…
Picture in your mind the sound of thunder
Loud, callous, and without warning.
Ignorance, in ways, is a similar blunder
It reshapes our intelligence, so distorting.
Remember in your heart the confusion that sits
When your whole world seems to betray.
Everything inside your burns and twists
You just wanna flee from frequent dismay.
I implore you to investigate your world
Not what is said, but how and why.
The meaning of things will soon unfurl
But if you dwell on it, simply, you’ll die.
Feel free to explore and find a place for yourself
But search only within your heart
You can control no one else.
So selfishly, I come to this part
The part where I must change,
But in every single way.
I find this life so strange.
So I leave with some words I found one day
“We cannot change the world unless we change ourselves.
Contemplate these words and confusion dissipates
On this your heart can dwell
Change, and remove all the hate

© Copyright 2017 Atton Brown. All rights reserved.

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