Monkey See, Monkey Do

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tell me what you mind is gettting cloudier and its getting harder to write

Submitted: October 16, 2010

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Submitted: October 16, 2010



Imitation’s supposedly so flattering

But what happens when it ends in blood splattering?

I was sent here to teach

But I’ve been forced to beseech

Call out, and speak to you all

Don’t follow my actions; they’ll cause you to fall

Fall into love, and sink into depression

Your verve, your motivation will lessen

Until it’s been demolished

Every piece to the old you abolished

And in its place you wear a mask, a shield

You don’t even know our own face, wander aimlessly in a field

Field of dreams?


Lost hope it seems…

Your tears don’t fall they crash around me

The pain you feel, I feel until it surrounds me

Consumes me, swallows me entirely

My entirety


Meaning less and less

Each day, each month, each turn of a season

I lose my reason

And it seems the one reason I thought I held

The one that’d caught me when I fell

I no longer own

I’ve been shown

A path, a road, trail

That I must take, but I feel…I’ll fail

Hide behind your half smile

But the truth is so undeniable

We’ll all fail, fail to succeed

Be consumed by our own greed

The last of a dying breed?


The breed’s been dead for eons

This world’s been populated by peon



The world itself lacks what we lack

The ability to Be lax


And appreciate what we have, we hold

The new, the old

We’ve all been given it

I realize I’m a hypocrite

Unappreciative as the rest

No different, un-unique, a pest

Words…useless words

From herds

Of liars swirl in my mind

I feel as if I’m the only of my kind

One who thinks this way

Feels the urge to say

Everything I think

But I’ve held it in and now I’m on the brink

Of insanity, going crazy

My mind’s growing hazy

I want to pass the brink and stare at the ledge

Throw it all away and leap off the edge

I’m fading at an expedited rate

Maybe that’s my predetermined fate

To fall, to fail, to be

An example, of what not to be

Amidst all this babble and wordplay

I set aside one stanza to say

That life will never go as you plan and will rarely be fair

People come and go but the ones worth your time will always be there

Clichés are often true, not exclusive

But truth itself is slippery, elusive

Everyone has been where you been, depressed

Feeling suppressed




But get up

And when you feel you’ve done all you can to stand…

Then stand.

© Copyright 2017 Atton Brown. All rights reserved.

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