The Irresponsibilities of Planet Earth

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Pretty much what the title says. The first line is one of my philosophies

Submitted: March 24, 2010

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Submitted: March 24, 2010



Nothing exists without your permission

Don’t take these words as an act of submission

There is death because we kill

There is life because we will

There is pain because we inflict

Through our acts we depict

Our cruelties meet our benevolence

Our duality fueled by malevolence

Contradictions are permitted

Masses of the dim-witted

Ignorant fools


Strings being ripped back by a marionette

It’s scary I bet

You never thought you’d see

The end to this prophecy

The one written by our hands

Couldn’t meet our own demands

Our own happiness sabotaged

With a mirage

Of lies we’ve created

Cuz we’re fixated

On constructing perfection

In my mind it’s so perplexin’

How they just shirk it out and place conditions of worth

I can’t believe…The irresponsibilities of planet Earth

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