The World's Punching Bag

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I haven't written at all in maybe a year. So much has happened and it's about to start comming out again.

Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012



The roses have gone black, the flowers are dying

Outside I'm smiling but inside I'm crying

I'm hurt, ripped apart, and beyond confused

I've become sick. I'm no longer amused

by these games life plays

The pain seems eternal, going on for days and days

The strain is infernal my body weighed in many ways

by the pressure, the stress

When you're younger there's so much less

Less drama, less suspicion

Children are free living solely on intuition

Their curiosity fuels them. They love and they trust without question

But as you grow older the innocence lessens

The naivety disappears and is replaced with a knowing

We know how the world works and begin to hide rather than showing

our true colors because they'll just be used against us.

So we bottle up every feeling and search for something to cleanse us

Eventually we give in and end up alone

Shaking in bed, trying to cling to a truth we'd once known

In the end...our only catharsis is to cry

Shed a million tears in one night and just wish you would die

No one sees or knows how much you keep in

But you have to be strong; it's on you they depend

Daylight breaks and so does your heart

Your wish didn't come true because you're still  a p a r t

A part of a sick unfeeling world

You have to begin a new day, where all the bullshit is just hurled

back in your direction

Like you're the exception

The one who can just take it

That smile? You have no choice but to fake it

You'd rather hide away, cover your face with a paper sack

Keep your hurt to yourself; you can't let them see what you lack

You take all the hits, you don't falter or lag

You stand there just smiling...the world’s punching bag.



© Copyright 2018 Atton Brown. All rights reserved.

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