They Call Me Gramps

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I was for real like 12 when i wrote this lol found it and published it.Its about a guy who hopes for a new family....sort of

Submitted: November 04, 2009

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Submitted: November 04, 2009



When i was born the doctor slapped my butt

When i was two my mommy slapped my daddy

When i was three my daddy slapped me

When i was four i slapped back

When i was five...well i don't even remember that year but,

When I was six, Daddy promised me we’d build a tree house, we never did.
When I was seven, my father had an affair with the maid. When I was seven and a half mommy shot the maid.
When I was eight, I heard mommy scream out, “Oh daddy!” But daddy wasn’t home and she couldn’t have been talking about grandpa.
When I was nine, mommy got a new house and I only got to see her on weekends.
When I was ten, everything started making sense, they were separated. I had to go to court a lot that year. Mommy was mad when Daddy won.
When I was eleven, Daddy’s house burned down. Three months later Daddy died in the hospital. I went to live with Mommy.
When I was twelve, I found these pills, mommy said they were magic. But I’m not stupid.
When I was thirteen, my mother died and they sent me a place called Mac’s Love, an orphanage.
Now I sit, fourteen, the oldest boy in the orphanage.
It’s an odd feeling to watch the small ones adopted every day. It’s an odd feeling to know no one wants you. But I have hope. I hope that the people who died weren’t really my parents. That my real parents or out there somewhere. In a vineyard, in Chile maybe, sharing a glass of wine as they begin to search for me.
The kids here call me Gramps for obvious reasons. My dad called me Dumb Fuck and my mom called me Shithead. I don’t really remember my real name so I quite enjoy Gramps. It’s a tribe and I’m the elder. I enjoy my time here.
Nothing’s gonna change my world….nothing’s gonna change my world. Jai guru deva.

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