True Art

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Art is beautiful. It's not just paintings its everything

Submitted: June 19, 2011

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Submitted: June 19, 2011



Art depicts the beauty in the world

Be it a forest, a sunset, or a beautiful girl

The world is a criminal and art its captor

Different perspectives can capture the rapture 

The laughter

The joy. The sunlight can be sketched

As if it stretched

Across the land

Or it can be drawn as if it were etched

In the palm of your hand.

But you know what it is, you see the light

You feel its warmth, taste its might

A sole painting can be interpreted in many ways

Spark a discussion that runs for days

Can hold a meaning that weighs

Heavy in your heart

It can confuse and bemuse you, rip you apart

And a part

Of you knows what you’re supposed to think

How you’re supposed to feel, and it makes my heart sink

How you blink when they blink

Think what they think

Jump when they say to and when they say back down…you shrink




Is a deformity

It’s disturbing and unattractive

Perturbing and retroactive

Why color in the lines?

Fuck the lines

Why be confined?

It’s your time to shine

Write over here

Or over there

E v e r y w h e r e

Art’s never been about control

It’s about what’s in your soul

No one can tell you how to perceive

No one can tell you not to dance on your revolution’s eve

Art will start the revolution

Before the only resolution

Is devolution

We’re trapped so much by the desecration

We forget to fight for our emancipation

And get stuck in a line of anticipation

It’s said that if you wait, good things will come to you

But that means to be patient, not lazy. Things won’t just be done for you

You can’t wait for the rules to change

Write em

You can’t wait for the wars to wage

Fight em



If the Herald angels were to sing

Could you call it art?  Such a precious thing

Art can’t be defined

In the confines of a rhyme

It’s medicine, to relieve your depression

It’s a pure, beautiful form of self expression

You should open your mind and let the pressure of the world lessen

And maybe the once you see it’s true beauty you’ll finally learn a lesson

© Copyright 2017 Atton Brown. All rights reserved.

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