Your Angelic Glow

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I found one the gives me life

Submitted: May 25, 2010

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Submitted: May 25, 2010



There comes a time in each man’s life

Where he must decide on what is right

Fall on his knees and beg for repentance

But for me there was no difference

Right was wrong and wrong was right

Night was day and day was night

Everything was dark and bland

But then there was you, you took my hand

Such an angelic glow, your radiant eyes

They pierce my soul, crush my disguise

With you the aggression is suppressed

I’m happy for one, not so depressed

I find myself enticed by your being

How could I have lived this long without seeing

You and your angelic glow

The uncanny way you just seem to know


Seem to flow


 Fit in this yin yang fashion

Together, juxtaposed, we could have passion

With you it’s different, my one track mind diverges

I want to keep you happy, I’ll give you the world because you deserve it

I want always for you to smile and hold your pure elation

I never wanna see you cry, I’m here to help with what you’re facin’

And if at times you do cry, I’ll wipe away your tears

And as the song says, fight away all of your fears

You told me a story of an angel, one I took on with suspicion

But your words captivated me, you spoke with such conviction

There is a Heaven, this I know

Because I find it here with you, and your angelic glow


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