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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

sindhu is in love with siddardh but she never proposes him.

siddardh gives a gift on her birthday and says her that he dosen't believe in broken relationships. he says that relationships are like glass if once broken cannot be the same as ever.

sindhu hurts a lott and she wants to prove that he is wrong.

will sindhu and siddardh become lovers? how does she prove that siddardh was wrong.. is the story..




It was 8:00 in the night as I was waiting at restaurant. Siddardh  was again late .this time more than an hour. How could he made me wait for an hour on my birthday.

He came hurriedly with sweat on his face and like always apologized deeply for his delay. The moment I saw his innocent face all my anger vanished. But I pretended that I was angry.

He took the seat beside me and took a medium sized rectangular shaped box which was packed with shiny pink colored wafer from the bag. He waved the box around in the air and started singing the birthday  song  in childish accent with funny gestures.

“Hapiie birthaaday to youuu,
Happiee long life to youuu
Maaay god blesss you dearrr
Happie birthday to my frieeeeend Chinduu
happie 22nd birthaday to youuuu“

I saw that everyone was looking at our table but I couldn’t stop laughing at his funny song. His every action added a bliss to his cute and innocent face.

When I saw him  for the first time as everyone else  I was too fooled by his looks. His looks deceived everyone as though he was innocent and child. But he was the most matured and  the wisest person I have ever met. He did every action with a purpose. His eyes were deep  as ocean. He looked at people as though he could read their minds . 

He suddenly asked why I was thinking about him. I was shocked ,  how could he read me?

I reacted  “Who said I was thinking  about you. I was thinking about other things.”

He grinned.

I too grinned.

I started thinking about the gift. Even though I already knew that the gift would be  simple and made by his own hands. He never bought gift .He made with his own hands. He said gift made by his own hands had  feelings and soul  where the  gift bought lacked those.

Unable to control my curiosity I asked “Can I unpack the gift?”

He nodded to open it.

I unpacked the shiny cover with care so that it wouldn’t get torn as I had to save the packing also. After unpacking I found a mug with beautiful scenery painted on it. The lower part of the mug had green fields with farmers working in it. Palm trees raised from the fields to a  sufficient height. The sky was Blue with White clouds randomly. Best friends were written with golden words on the handle. It was a beautiful piece of art.  I couldn’t take my eyes from it. I wondered how  many days it took  him to make it.

He asked whether I liked it or not.

“Awesome and beautiful” I replied.

he replied thanks.

I said “Thanx for the wonderful gift.” .

“Okay okay What else Birthday girl?”

I asked “Why did you give mug as a gift?”

“just  like that.”

“A gift  without a reason? I can’t believe you. Just answer  me.”

His reply surprised me. He said that “I want to start your day with a coffee in my mug. The mug comprises of my sweat and soul. I will be  the first part of the universe you will be dealing with every morning. I feel good about it.”

I felt really happy for the importance he gave me. I think he too loved me secretly as I was. I knew that he would never propose first. It should be me if at all our love story should begin. But I couldn’t handle the rejection. It’s  better to die than to be rejected. From a year I had been postponing and even now it will be the same. I decided that I will propose him the next time.

he asked what else?

“Why you wrote Best friends and not Best friends forever?”

I expected that  he would answer , I don’t want us to be  friends forever. I want us  to be more than friends.

But he  again surprised me  with his answer.

He said  “As relationships aren’t forever. We don’t know when a relationship ends. Love in relationships is inversely proportional to time. Relationships and trust once broken cannot be the same.  A glass once broken cannot be fixed as before. ”

I was disappointed by his answer. But  I hided the disappointment with smile.

He asked “You don’t agree?”

I replied  “I don’t agree “


“I can’t argue with you. Please leave it. Any way I have to go now. I have to go it’s already 9:00. Thanks for your delay”

“Ha thank you madam.”

“okay bye take care.”

“Ha. Bye. After reaching give  me a call.”


I gave him a call as soon as I reached home. Changed clothes and jumped on bed. I thought about him again and again. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. But his words hurted me.

I took the mug and again observed it carefully. The best friends written in golden letters disappointed me. Can we become more than friends?.. I couldn’t stop my tears.


after 5 years…

I woke up at 5:00 prepared coffee and poured it in mug.

Everytime the moment I  took the first sip of coffee I rememberedthe day when it was slipped from my hands.

The mug was broken. I couldn’t do anything but collect every bit of it and store . I kept crying  continuously. I suddenly remembered the words said by him that ’Relationships aren’t forever and If once broken cannot be the same’. I hated his comparision of relationships to  glasss.


I remembered  that broken pieces of glasses are used in manufacturing new glass. I wanted to prove that he was wrong. I took the pieces and joined together with glue perfectly after spending 2  sleepless nights. But there was a crack running from the top to the bottom  which showed that it was broken.

 Again I felt like crying but this time I was bold to do something to prove that he was wrong.
By  painting I replaced the the blue sky and white clouds to  dark clouds. Changed the weather to rainy and added rain to the atmosphere. The crack was replaced by  bluish electric thunder.

I felt happy because the mug which was broken was now completely changed into a brand new mug. Beautiful than before. Broken  relationships if given chance can be transformed more beautiful than ever. 

As the coffee was  completed I cleaned it and kept it safely in cupboard.  As I was turning my husband kept hands around me and whispered “I Love you sindhu.”

I replied ” I too love you Siddardh”.



story by AtuZ


Submitted: April 28, 2013

© Copyright 2021 AtuZ. All rights reserved.

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