Bear With Me

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A poem illustrating an exaggerated version of Ashley :D

Submitted: June 03, 2015

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Submitted: June 03, 2015



Hi everybody, my name is Ashley

Pardon me, I know my intro sounds silly

Anyway, today I’ve got a story

Everything I’ll tell is all about me

But before I start, I have to warn thee

I am indeed very quirky

Bet not many can bear with me

And if you could, you’re a real buddy!


I’ve wasted my word count though I’m not at all sorry

Anyway, let me now begin my story

I’ll start by telling you what I fancy

And then move on to do the best I can to annoy thee

Annoy thee, annoy thee.


One of my hobbies is listening to BBC

I just can’t live without British comedy

British accent to me is the world’s utmost beautiful melody

It’s a remedy; it drives me crazy?


Being naughty is my other hobby

I discovered the love for it since I was a baby

If you think I am just being funny

My advice to you is this – wait and see

Being visually impaired actually makes me happy

Because at school, usually …

If you were someone like me

You normally wouldn’t be whacked when you try to act funny.

Back in secondary school, you see

I enjoyed not handing in my homework when I was lazy

Excuse? Easy!

I would tell my teachers that I am really sorry

And that the transcription of my Braille homework has not made ready

For my resource teacher who they would call the transcriber are rather busy

And my teachers would easily believe and excuse me

  And I thought to myself, “Now here’s victory!”

And smirked and caused my friend who at that time sat next to me

To cast a suspicious look at me.

I also loved to leave my Maths textbook at home purposely

Because the subject was beyond uninteresting for me

Stupid diagrams drove me crazy

But like I said, most teachers don’t whack me when I was naughty

And for my sighted friends, well, I’d always felt sorry.

What I always did during my lessons on geography

Was ignoring the teacher in front of me

Whilst I played the piano, the one which was imaginary

I.e. the table in front of me

One of my friends attempted to stop me

Warned me that if I keep doing that the teacher would not bless me

I laughed and asked her, “Do you think it would bother me?”

While asking myself, “How much more ridiculous can my friend be?”

“We don’t need a teacher’s blessing, do we?”


I shall now promptly end my story

Because you were shown an important part of me

Bet that had driven you crazy

Made you say, “Stop it, Ashley.”

And if you asked for more I would say “Okey dokey if you have the patience to bear with me.”

That’s all from me

Bye-bye and Danke

I look forward to hearing from thee.

Cheers, Ashley.

© Copyright 2018 Ashley Pink. All rights reserved.

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