Just Another Day at the Office

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A short play surrounding a psychiatrist, a caffeine addicted patient and discovering that even the most together person in the world can find it difficult to follow her own advice until it is standing right in front of her.

Submitted: June 02, 2008

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Submitted: June 02, 2008



Ms. Dayton..................... 30-year-old blond woman wearing a suit (trousers) and glasses which hang around her neck on a chain. Her hair is pulled tightly back. She has a strong down to earth personality, not pushy.
Dumb Dude.................... Wearing a t-shirt, jeans and trainers. Has a large, muscular build with floppy hair
Caffeine Girl.................. Wiry girl with dark, frizzy and slightly matted hair. Looks tired, especially around the eyes. Wearing dark clothes – baggy jumper with slightly frayed cuffs. Quite jumpy and fidgets constantly. Always has a Starbucks cup.
Gladys............................. Secretary to Ms. Dayton. Middle-aged woman in grey tweed suit (skirt). Professional yet friendly attitude towards Ms. Dayton.
Scott................................. Suave, sophisticated and has a strong presence in a room. Confident and secure, he seems out of place in a psychiatrist’s office. He wears a suit, tie and carries a briefcase.

Scene 1
Lights slowly fade in to reveal 21st Century psychiatrist’s office. Modern surroundings with a desk, small table with only a lamp and a small coffee table in the centre of the room in front of a leather couch. Leather swivel chair seated at desk with a cup resting on top of a coaster. Behind the couch is a large bookcase, next to which hang dusty framed certificates. Soft lighting gives a relaxed feel.
Ms. Dayton:Morning Gladys.
[Enter Ms. Dayton]
Ms. Dayton: When’s my first appointment?
Gladys:You’ve got some time yet, Ms. Dayton. 9.15 – David Martin.
Ms. Dayton:Thanks – oh! Could you get me his –
[Enter Gladys]
Gladys:File? And there is a cup of de-caf waiting patiently on your desk. I’ll go finish those letters.
[Gladys turns to leave but hesitates]
Gladys:I almost forgot, He called again. That is three times this morning.
Ms. Dayton:[pauses] Well, if He calls again… I’m not at work today.
Gladys:Yes, Ms. Dayton.
[Exit Gladys]
[Ms. Dayton goes to desk and sits down turning pages in file and sipping coffee.]
Ms. Dayton:Just another day at the office.
[Lights fade out]

Scene 2
[Lights out]
Ms. Dayton:Hmmm…
Dumb Dude:What?
[Lights slowly fade in to reveal the same setting as before. Ms. Dayton sits on swivel chair facing Dumb Guy who sits slouched on the couch.]
Ms. Dayton:Well… Let us try something different. 
[Picking up the cards on the coffee table]
Ms. Dayton:Tell me what you see.
Dumb Dude:Ink.
Ms. Dayton:Look past the ink. What does the ink say to you? What does it mean? Use your imagination.
Dumb Dude:Black.
[Ms. Dayton clears throat]
Ms. Dayton:Apart from ink and apart from black. What does this say to you?
[Aside] Make play-play in the head.
Dumb Dude:Cool! Right. Just give me a sec. I get it. I’m seeing something.
[Dumb Guy puts one hand on his temple – trying to concentrate]
Dumb Dude:I see… I see… I see…
[Dumb Guy seems proud]
Ms. Dayton:Give me strength.
[Lights slowly fade out]

Scene 3
Lights slowly fade in to reveal same setting as before. Caffeine Girl sits on the couch hugging her knees
Ms. Dayton:You appear a little on edge today. Is there anything you want to talk about?
Caffeine Girl:What? No. Nonononono. I’m – I’m okay. Y’know, once – once you… uh…give me my prescription…
What was that?
Ms. Dayton:Excuse me?
Caffeine Girl:That! There it is again! It’s a buzz. Definitely a buzz. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!
Ms. Dayton:Okay, no more coffee for you.
[Ms. Dayton reaches for the cup]
Caffeine Girl:DO NOT TOUCH THAT!
[Ms. Dayton sits back in her seat]
Ms. Dayton:How are things with your mother this week? Have you talked to her yet?
[Caffeine Girl bursts into manic laughter]
Caffeine Girl:Ha! Ha! Ha! Talk? To that banshee? Nooooo… Nonono… It’s – it’s – it’s too soon… too, too early. I – I – I can’t. Not yet. Uh – uh!
Ms. Dayton:When do you think you will be ready?
Caffeine Girl:When you give me my prescription.
Ms. Dayton:I see.
[Ms. Dayton picks up pen and prescription pad and scribbles]
Caffeine Girl:Yeah. That’s it. Ummm… Do you think you could… uh… double the dose this… time? ’Cause I… I think I – uh need a little stronger stuff.
Ms. Dayton:Hmmm… Here
[Ms. Dayton hands over paper]
Caffeine Girl:Thanks! Thank you! This is just what I need!
Ms. Dayton:I suggest you read it before you say that.
[Caffeine Girl stands and reads paper]
Caffeine Girl:“Dose: Once a week. Medication: Talk with mother. Signed: Please don’t hit me.”
[Caffeine Girl loses temper]
[Lights become brighter; more intense]
Caffeine Girl:What! What the HELL! I need my medication! I do NOT need an hour long lecture from…HER… about how I’ve wasted my life!
Ms. Dayton:Now calm down.
Caffeine Girl:I need it now! Give me it!
Ms. Dayton:Please, sit down. I really think you should take my advice. After all, you are paying me to give it.
Caffeine Girl:WHAT?!? Are you joking?
[Caffeine Girl storms out the door then  peeks her head round the door.]
[Lights return to normal]
Caffeine Girl:Same time next week?
[Ms. Dayton nods]
[Lights fade out quickly]

Scene 4
Lights fade in to reveal Ms. Dayton sitting at her desk talking with Gladys on a speakerphone.
Gladys: Your 3 o’clock cancelled but I have a new client here who would like to see you, will you fit him in?
Ms. Dayton:Sure, send him in.
[Enter Scott]
[Ms. Dayton stands and Scott holds out his hand which Ms. Dayton dutifully shakes]
Scott:Hi. I really appreciate you seeing me at such short notice. I’m Scott, Scott Davidson. Miss?
Ms. Dayton:Ms. Dayton. Please. Take a seat.
[Scott sits face to face with Ms. Dayton. Him on the couch, her on her chair]
Ms. Dayton:What brings you here, Mr. Davidson?
Scott:I have problems, well one actually. I recently cheated on my fiancée.
Ms. Dayton:Well, Marriage Counselling isn’t really my strong point. I can recommend someone else.
Scott:We weren’t married. And I don’t want anyone else; I heard you were the best. I want you. Listen, you won’t believe, few women do when I explain –
Ms. Dayton:I assure you I have a completely unbiased point of view; my job is not to pass judgement.
Scott:Okay, well, you see we were having troubles. We were growing apart because of the wedding plans. I couldn’t take her craziness – I mean bursting into tears because there weren’t enough orchids for all the vases! Anyway, that’s not the point.
Ms. Dayton:What is the point? Apart from describing every bride-to-be, I don’t understand what the problem is.
Scott:To get a break from all the raging hormones and tantrums I, I went out with the guys; I mean my friends. We went to a strip club and things got a little blurry after that. The next thing that I remember is waking up the next morning in a red head’s bed with no clothes on.
Ms. Dayton:What did your fiancée say? I’m assuming she found out considering, you’re here.
Scott:Well, I told her.
Ms. Dayton:You told her?
Scott:Yes, I told her. She wasn’t too happy. You can imagine.
Ms. Dayton:Yes, I can.
Ms. Dayton:Carry on.
Scott:Alright. So she threw the breakables, I ducked from the breakables. I’m here now because I need to know if I did what I did because deep down I really wanted to call off the wedding.
Ms. Dayton:Do you think that’s why it happened?
Scott:I don’t know. That’s why I’m here.
Ms. Dayton:But why do you think that’s a possibility?
Scott:Because why else would it happen? I mean I thought I truly loved her. But, as she pointed out – how could I hurt her if I loved her like I thought I did?
Ms. Dayton:Perhaps you did sleep with this other woman to get out of the wedding.
Ms. Dayton:What was your fiancée’s name?
Ms. Dayton:Okay, now trust me. Lie back and close your eyes. Picture …Leanne - now describe how you feel.
Scott:Warm, safe, comforted, guilty, ashamed.
Ms. Dayton:Now picture your future together.
Scott:Ummm… We have a big house in the country. It’s summertime. Our kids are playing in the background – one boy and a younger girl. There’s a pool in the back that they are splashing around in.
Ms. Dayton:Now imagine your life without all that. Without Leanne.
Scott:Cold, empty, afraid.
Ms. Dayton:Of what?
Scott:Of being alone. Not just alone, lonely. Being without Her.
Ms. Dayton:Open your eyes. Do you have the answer to your question now?
[Slowly sits up and blinks]
Scott:Do I? I know what I need to do… I know I want to spend the rest of my life with her…
Ms. Dayton:So the marriage is back on?
Scott:If she’ll have me.
[Stands  up, shakes  her  hand  and  rushes
towards the door but pauses to glance back]
[Exit Scott]
[Lights fade out]
[Background music sounds like a heartbeat. Lights fade inMs. Dayton sitting at her desk trying to read a file, looks up as though in thought. Lights fade out]
Ms. Dayton is sitting with a patient enthusiastically mouthing words ather.Ms. Dayton seems distracted and glances at her watch. 
Lights fade out]
[Background music makes heartbeat seem as though it is racing. Lights fade in. Ms. Dayton is standing and looks at her watch.Lights fade out.]
[Music stops suddenly as lights quickly light up the scene revealing Ms. Dayton sitting at her desk. She reaches for the speakerphone]
Ms. Dayton:Gladys?
Gladys:Yes, Ms. Dayton?
Ms. Dayton:Has He called again?
Gladys:Not since this afternoon… Would you like me to patch him through next time?
Ms. Dayton:Do you have his number?
Ms. Dayton:Call Him.
[Lights fade out with Ms. Dayton reaching for a ringing phone.]

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