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For ALL things involving novels, poems and other writings of mine will be written in this little place. Any information on contest or web parties will be here too! Don't forget, everything there is to know about me, Aubrey Hilton can ALSO be found here too. Everything great in one little space. It's just a little place to put my updates (:

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012



Hey everyone!

I'm Aubrey Ann Hilton! I am 20 year old student! I'm planning to major in business! I also love to read and write. I have written stories ever since I was a little girl. I stumbled across this website a year ago and finally came around to making an account and becoming apart of the booksie community! I'm so excited to talk to other fellow writers and get advice.

I'm a very fun person and easy to get along with! So if anyone as any questions or any tips just comment below!

I am engaged to my prince charming <3 We are getting married next summer! He works late on Wednesdays so that is also why ill be updating stories and other fun things every Wednesday!



I will be putting the first chapter of my novel "Coming To An End" Wednesday September 12th.


Sophia Williams and Logan Carter, have always hated each other. They have been together at the same school since they were in kindergarten but will the juniors in high school have to forget about their schoolyard hatred as the world comes crashing down? What will happen when everything depends on them?

Some other stories coming soon:


Revenge Of The Ex-Girlfriend.

The unexpected surprise.

Star Crossed Lovers

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