Dying Fire

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Comparing a couple's love to the flames of a powerfull fire.

Submitted: November 19, 2007

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Submitted: November 19, 2007



Dying Fire
Dedicated to someone close to me

Many couples come and go….feeding a flame with passion and hope…and many let the flames die out….

A certain couple, that I will call Kate and Dean, have a powerfull flame, a bright blue flame with sparks of red that spread happiness. The flame brings truth, honor, love, compassion, and dreams in one.  Their love is strong, so strong that the sun is envious and the moon sighs with jealousy.  They spend their days together, locked in each others arms, and the earth smiles at a wonderful sight. Love is amazing….

Things should never change, but Fate always creates twists and turns….a struggle that man can never conquer. If  life was only so simple….
The fire began to die….why weren’t the flames fed?  The coals that started it were amazingly powerfull…but perhaps after awhile the wood to burn became to frail and weak. I do not know…..but the two would eventaly split apart….was Fate playing a game on these two souls?

Some said it was meant to be, it was inevitable…..Perhaps it was too good to be true…dreams are rarely brought to reality…..

The two talked after and were still good friends…..they would always be friends….But their love was still there, the coals had not burned out completely…..but it seemed as though they would die again. Another love lost….

Suddenly a large blast erputed from the coals…it created a fire…a much larger flame than the previous one. This flame was white as snow, and gave off a beutifull radiance….The couple had rekindled the fire, their love, their dreams……..

30 years later the flames still burn, and it has never dimmed down an inch.  If anything, it grew stronger over the years, over the memories, over the laughs and tears….And I Still Love My Kate.

The End….

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