My Own Jesus

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When a young man thinks he has the powers of God, he goes to extreme measures to make his hometown pure again.

Submitted: November 19, 2007

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Submitted: November 19, 2007



My own Jesus
By AJ Peaslee

The blood rushed down my arms and slowly dripped from my elbows, a constant flow of life poured off me, hitting the ground beneath me. Why not, this land had to be purified of the wicked and my blood was enough to cleanse the town for a little while. The liquid of life soon ran into the rainwater that made a stream to the gutter. My hands were bleeding fast now, and I was sure that my feet had done the same, the red had probably built up in my shoes.  People where staring at me in the street, with those typical dumbfounded faces they make when they see something they can’t believe. Maybe now everyone understood that I was the Jesus of this town, and I was going to make things right. I fell to my knees, I was losing too much life force, I should have made the circles a little smaller. The pavement began to shake and blur, my head screamed in pain. I felt like I was drunk, and I could barely keep my eyes open. I heard a siren, couldn’t tell if it was the police or an ambulance.

“Hey kid! What are you doing?! Don’t move! The para-medics will be here any minute now. Hang on son!”

The cop’s voice was gruff, but sounded serious. I just rested on my knees, slowly fading away. How could I die? I was a god! How can this be possible!?  It got dark, and it happened fast. I didn’t remember falling down. I could hear people talking and screaming. I couldn’t speak or move…..was I dying? All I wanted to do was rid this town of evil. I wanted to burn the sinners…..the sadists, rapists and psychos needed to be exposed. I wanted to revive fallen forests and save animals that were going extinct. I wanted to restore this tattered world to its former glory. I was going to do it. I was the Jesus of Boothbay……I was suppost to cleanse this town with my healing powers…….

“Poor kid didn’t make it. I feel sorry for him. A lot of teens are like this, they just want to change things, that’s why they are our future. But this kid had something much more in mind. He wanted to purify not only the town, but the world. He wanted to make this world the paradise it has always been dreamed to be.” The first cop stated sadly.

“It’s understandable. Many people want to change the world, but this poor kid wanted to be the next God. He wanted to take back all the evils on this planet and lock them away. But you cannot have good without evil, otherwise balance would be destroyed. He even gave himself a stigmata in the street. He thought he was the right hand of God. His fake stigmata to him was real, because his mind believed it so much. Poor kid, if only we had known about this situation sooner….” The cop from the street said while shaking his head in pity.

They stood over his body in the room of white and bodies. He was pale as a ghost, matching everything else in the room. The “Jesus” of the town had died. His face would be the only thing remembered.

“Did we get an I.D. of the kid?”

“No, we can’t find any record of him. He didn’t go to school; he had no parents, and knows body seems to remember him. We can’t even find birth records!”

“That’s strange…..Coincidence?”

“Probably. I’ve seen enough, I’m going home and going to bed.”

The two cops walk out of the morgue and head home. Back to their everyday lives, the mystery of the case still frozen in their minds. Many people say that the town became more peaceful after the whole incident, almost like it has “cleansed” of evil, even if it was for a short while. Perhaps, just perhaps, the “Jesus of Boothbay” was for real. I leave the answer up to you, dear reader.

-The End-

© Copyright 2019 Aubrey Jack Peaslee. All rights reserved.

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