Men Are Admirable

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People think that I hate men. I don't hate men. It's just that I like a select few. So this is my attempt to show the world that I DO like you guys. Really, I do!


Submitted: December 19, 2006

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Submitted: December 19, 2006



Men are admirable.

Not because they can writer their names with their piss, but

they can’t take no for an answer and that takes

courage, for most,

and while I can say I like to be alone

they can’t take no for an answer they

push the relationship

like the weedman pushes down your throat

like a man shoves himself into an unsuspecting—

he forgets HER name when

she tries to be too nice too early and

I forget HIS name when

I block out his hum with a snarly hip-hop beat and

I think

and I think

that poetry is sexy

and sex is just physical love

What I write is a wish to be close to you

close like best friends

like When can I see you again? like

God man, I just wanna tell you how much I—

Love is more than physical and

men are more than just dogs and

they can’t take no for an ANSWER

they can’t take NO for an answer

they can’t TAKE no for an answer

Dangerous and…admirable.

Men are admirable

and I hate

and I love

that you can’t take no for an answer


Every woman needs love but not from…

Every man should learn that


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