A Holiday Hookup

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For Ryderstokes Christmas Contest!

There’s a reason Devany despises everything and anything Christmas. After a fatal drug overdose, she loses both her parents on none other than Christmas Eve. Homeless and hopeless, Devany feels like nothing can turn her life around. Then she meets Lucas. Will he be able to change her mind, or is it too late for Devany?

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011



This is 18 pages on word, so sorry for the length! I couldn't contain myself :O This is for Ryderstokes 'It's Christmas' contest! I know I won't come close to winning, but I hope you like it either way :) Tell me what you think? -Auden


“One more please?” I pleaded, fluttering my long eye lashes at bartender; he gave in. I chuckled at how guys always fell for that trick.He handed me my Mai Tai, and within thirty seconds it was gone. Drinking always made me feel so much better, especially around this time of year.


I cringed at letting that word into my thoughts. I hated Christmas with a passion. Most people would probably flip out if I told them I couldn’t stand this time of year, or this holiday.

For one thing, I hate the friggin snow. As a child, I never built a snow man or went sledding like most little kids did during the winter. I never had a real childhood, partly because both my parents died before I was the age of ten from a drug overdose.

They died the day before Christmas.

After that, I went from foster home to foster home, but I guess nobody wanted me as a part of their family. From the ages of sixteen to eighteen, I gave up my search on finding a ‘new’ family, and started my life on the streets. Being homeless wasn’t all that bad. Sure it wasn’t all glitz and glamour, but a lot of people have it worse than I do.

So, I’m grateful for what I have. Plus I get provided with food and over-night stays, it’s a real blessing. So are the people who work there.

I live in a shelter home. The workers and I are like family. I love them too death, and I wouldn’t know what I would ever do if it weren’t for them.

I wasn’t looking forward to this Christmas, but I’m still hoping it won’t be as bad as the others. I sigh and thank the bartender for the free Mai Tai. It really helped my nerves. Every time Christmas is around the corner, I get nervous. Everything bad that has ever happened to me has always been around Christmas time.


I’m just praying god will spare me this Christmas.

I stroll down the street, heading over to the homeless shelter. I smile as I see my best friend, Hayley, walking over towards me.

“Devany!” She squealed, bringing me into one of her big ol’ bear hugs. That’s what I loved most about Hayley. She was always so sweet and friendly. And I loved her hugs; they always cheered me up.

Her sea blue eyes lit up, and her blonde corkscrews bounced up and down as she clapped her hands with joy. “I missed you so much!”

“I’ve only been gone for forty minutes, forty five tops!”

“Sureeee.” Hayley drawled with a cheerful glint in her eyes. She always did that when she didn’t believe someone. I found it pretty funny that she couldn’t be straightforward and tell them, but no, she always said 'sure' with those extra e’s. I chuckle. 

“Well, I gotta go to work,” Hayley says, grabbing her bag and waving good-bye to me. Even though Hayley isn’t homeless like me, she still comes over here to the shelter to see if I’m still alive or not. Bless her, she’s such a sweetheart.

She’s not like most of the people who see me around here. A lot of people would either a.) Ignore me or b.) Make fun of me. So when Hayley and I first met, we were instantly meant to be best friends. Her remarkable humor and my witty remarks we’re in instantly joined at the hip.

 Now we’ve been best friends for almost three years. I tell her everything, and she does the same. Hayley even knows about my hatred towards Christmas time.

 I shake the thought of Christmas out of my mind. Stop it, Devany. Nothing is going to happen


“Are you okay?” A deep yet handsome voice said from behind me.

I turned around, and right before my eyes, I swear there was a sex god.

He definitely was the full package. His eyes could make any girl go weak in the knees. They were a sky blue color, which was simply breath-taking. Guys with blue eyes are just gorgeous in my opinion. He had these cute little dimples, along with the richest brown hair I’ve ever seen. He was just an amazing sight to see. Especially up close.

My heart skipped a couple of beats. Speak, stupid, SPEAK! Nothing you could say could possibly be worse than silence.

“Uhh…” I stutter, twirling my strawberry blond locks. I always did that when I was nervous, and right now I was far beyond nervous. I was on the breaking point of utter embarrassment.

“…Do you like cheese?” I blurted out, and at that moment I wished that I was mute, or dead. 

But mostly dead. 

He cocked his head to the side and chuckled. “Cheese?”

By now, my face is the deep red color of a beet. Why did this always happen to me? Curse the holidays. Mr. Hottie still has a grin on his face from me popping a question about…cheese? Did I really just ask him if he liked cheese? I guess you can see why I’ve never had a boyfriend before.

“Well, that’s a very…interesting question,” Mr. Hottie replies, still chuckling and looking quite amused. Quick, think of something sarcastic to say!

“Well, are you going to answers my question or not?” I asked impatiently.


Wow, fail. Epically. I inwardly cursed myself for being so stupid. 


“Yep. Who doesn’t like cheese?” Mr. Hottie laughs.


I shrug my shoulders. Am I really talking about cheese to a MAJOR hottie? What in god’s name is wrong with me?!


“Lucas,” he says, offering me a hand.


I reached out and took his hand, and I felt butterflies fluttering around in my stomach, and I blush. 


“Devany.”Lucas, I thought to myself. I like it. It’s just perfect like he was.  Lucas chuckles, “What’s a pretty girl like yourself doing here?” My eyes go wide.

 I couldn’t tell him I actually lived here, and that I was homeless. If he knew I’m sure he’d laugh in my face, and then walk away. It seems as if a lot of people have left my life, and it was all because of Christmas.

“Oh, um I volunteer here.” I quickly say without thinking.

“Really? Me too!”

I feel like I should just slap my forehead. How could I be so stupid? Why couldn’t I think of something else? Anything else! I felt my cheeks flame.


“You know, you’re really cute when you blush.” He said, and I smiled at Lucas’s cuteness. He was really a charming guy.

I can’t believe I lied to him! Should I start crying, and just tell him the truth? Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter. I don’t think I’ll be seeing him anytime soon. I’ll just tell him I take different shifts here. That sounds truthful, right? Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

“Well, I better get going,” I call out, heading for the door. Okay, I was more like running. Before I can make it outside, though, Lucas grabs my wrist. 

"Wait," he says. I turn around to face him, and he smiles down at me.

“I usually don’t do this, but would you like to go to a party with me?” He grinned. 

Was he serious? He kept smiling at me, and I could tell he was being serious. I never usually hang out with strangers. Okay, I never did but there was something different about this one. Or at least my heart was telling me that, but what did I know about love?

I’ve never even been kissed! Or have had a boyfriend; I was completely and utterly clueless when it came to guys. I had never been to a party either; I was sorta clueless when it came to a lot of things. Especially the things that teenagers would usually do. 

“I’d love to!” I blurt out. Okay, I wasn’t stupid or anything but it wasn’t like anything was going to happen to me. I trusted Lucas even though I just met him. I just had a feeling about him…

His grin got even bigger, and he started to blush. I giggled at his cockiness. He gave me the address, and then walked away. I bet I looked like a fool with this creepy smile on my face, but I didn’t care for once I was happy.

Even if it was Christmas Eve.



The music was so loud that I couldn’t even think straight. The stench of alcohol filled my nose; by all the alcohol that was in here I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to smell anything else. It was incredibly strong that at first I had thought it had damaged my scent.

The wild and out of control teenagers around me we’re grinding up against each other like a bunch of horn dogs. I mean really? They couldn’t get a room?

I couldn’t believe that I had agreed to come here. I didn’t see Lucas anywhere in sight. Just my luck! (Note my sarcasm.)

The guys here we’re all a bunch of pigs! Even though I’ve never had a boyfriend, I know a pig when I see one. A couple of them already have come up to me to just hit on me.

One of them got more than what they had bargained for since I slapped him so hard across the face I thought he might burst out into tears and start running to his mommy! He obviously wasn’t expecting a slap across the face. 

My gaze caught a familiar pair of sky blue eyes, and my smile brightened when I noticed it was Lucas. Who else would it be? I don’t know anyone with the most perfect pair of blue eyes.

“You made it,” Lucas exclaims, pulling me into his arms. They we’re wrapped tightly against my body and it just melted into him.

“Of course I did.” I responded. He blushes, and ruffles his rich brown hair.  “You blushed!” I shouted over the loud people, pointing at the redness that consumed his cheeks. 

Lucas chuckles, “Sorry. Want to go outside where there are less people?”


I nodded my head, “I’m going to get a drink first, want one?” I asked him. Okay, I wasn’t usually always drinking. I only drink a lot around the holidays, Hayley is always thinking I have an “alcohol problem” but I don’t.

“Sure. Surprise me,” Lucas winks and heads towards the back door. I headed towards the kitchen, darting through the wild and out of control crowd. There were at least three kegs, and one single punch bowl.

 I’m surprised that there was any beer left since there were at least three hundred people here.

I grab two plastic red cups, and scoop some punch equally into them. What was wrong with the punch? It didn’t look like regular punch to me, but oh well. I was probably just being paranoid.

I always do that about the stupidest things. I shook the thoughts out of my head, and headed for the back door.

Lucas was sitting on the porch swing, looking up at the falling snow. I never particularly liked snow, but I always thought it was pretty as it drifted down like little raindrops.

“Here,” I handed him his punch and place a sit next to him. We instantly hit it off; it wasn’t strange and awkward like it would be for most people, but talking to Lucas and to be able to talk to him just came naturally. 

We talked about almost everything; I learned that he was out of school, and in his freshman year of college, and that he worked in an auto shop, and for fun he would volunteer at homeless shelters and animal shelters as well. He was definitely a people person along as an animal person. 

Oh, he definitely got brownie points for that one.


Lucas was the total opposite of me. He was rich and smart, and was in school for the most part. He had tons of family and friends, unlike me. All I had was Hayley, and the workers at the homeless shelter.

Even if he knew about me being homeless, he still wouldn’t feel the same way that I had felt about him.

I learned that Lucas had a little brother along with a loving mother and father. Pretty much the ‘perfect picture family’. I never got that perfect picture family; I didn’t care about perfect part… I just wish I had a chance to actually have a mom and a dad. I just want those special family moments like every other kid would get from their parents.

“What is your family like?” Lucas asks curiously, after some quiet time just gazing at the stars along with the falling snow.

I stare down at my feet, unsure of what I would say to him, so I tell him the truth. “My parents died before I was the age of ten… Christmas Eve.” 

It was hard not to shed a tear, but I held them back and Lucas brought me into a hug. We melt into each other, and I close my eyes. It seemed like time had stopped. For the first time in my life, I felt safe and comfortable.

It was like I was in a dream. A perfect one at the least.

“I’m so sorry, Dev.”

Dev. Nobody had ever called me Dev before, and the strange thing was I liked it. Occasionally Hayley would make fun of me and would call me Evan on purpose just to make me mad.

“Dev. I like it.” I said. His smile was sincere; I wonder what he thought about my parents? I hope he doesn’t think I’m some street rat. Like in one of the Disney movies, Aladdin. I wonder if he just invited me to be nice. He was nice guy, and I could see him doing something like that. “Good. Either way I was going to call you that,” He winked at me, and I slap him lightly against the shoulder. We chuckle together.

“I’m going to get some more punch, want some more, too?” I ask Lucas and he nods. Both Lucas and I were already on our third trip to the punch bowl. I couldn’t help it… it was so good and addicting.  I pour us some more punch, and slid the bitter sweet taste down my throat.

I had never tasted this type of punch; I didn’t even care what kind it was. I just wanted more of the faint buzz. I looked around the room, and everything was suddenly fading to grey.

Everything soon went pitch black as the darkness over consumed me. I felt like I was slowly falling in a black hole. Or more like a ribbon slowly falling to the ground. I felt so alone.


I groaned, pulling the covers over my head so that the sunlight was out of my eyes. I groaned, closing my eyes. My head was pounding, and I felt just plain awful. 

What happened last night?

I clutched the blankets against my chest, looking around the strange and unfamiliar room I was in. 

“What happened?” A deep voice said next to me as if he had read my mind. My face went pale and my heart froze. Lucas.

“Did we…?” I gulped, praying that what I thought was possible didn’t happen at all, and this was just a dream. More like a nightmare. Lucas looked frighten as well. He nodded and mouthed sorry.

I felt like I was going to cry right on the spot. How could this have happened? I lost my virginity and I’ve never even been kissed. I was such a slut, and Lucas must think I am one, too.


Instead of crying, I let out a high pitched scream without thinking. Lucas quickly claps his gigantic hand over my mouth, so to everyone else my screams we’re pointless. 

“Shh! I didn’t do anything I swear…” Lucas croaks, nodding his head for more reassurance.

And I believed him. For only one night that I had known Lucas, he was sweet and kind and I trusted him more than anyone I had ever trusted before. I just had a feeling he was telling the truth.

I swallowed hard and spoke, “I believe you… it must have been the punch." 

He sighs in relief. It was the only explanation I could think of as to why I couldn’t remember anything towards the end of last night.

It did taste funny, and it didn’t taste like any kind of punch I had ever tasted from before. I sighed this would only happen to me, especially on Christmas. Merry friggin Christmas to me. A tear drop fell from my cheek and down on the blankets that were covering the rest of my body.

Lucas shifts his position and wipes my tears away. “Please don’t cry. I’m really sorry this happened to you,” Lucas tells me, planting a kiss on my forehead. You could tell Lucas was sincere, and wasn’t lying. He felt horrible, and he knew I did too.

“It’s okay, really. Just don’t worry about it."

“Let me make it up to you,” Lucas spoke. I looked up at him and give him a questioning look. What did he have in mind? I don’t know if I should this time. He probably just wanted to make things up with me because he felt bad about last night’s events. “Come to my house for Christmas, please?” 


He gave me the usual puppy dog eyes. I normally didn’t fall for the puppy dog eyes trick, but his eyes we’re just so dreamy. I could get lost in them forever. “I don’t want to be a burden, besides what would your parents think?”

“They wouldn’t care, they’ll like you. Trust me.” Lucas reinforced his words with an easy smile.

To be honest, I didn’t want to spend Christmas alone. Even if I did despise Christmas, nobody should spend the holidays alone. I nodded, and we both got dressed and headed out of the stranger’s house.


We reached a stop at a Victorian house. It was mammoth, with a multi-faceted structure, almost like a jewel. The roof was almost hat- like, perched on top, and the windows like illusionary glints.

The house was gorgeous, and nothing like any of the houses I have ever lived in. They were always old-looking and cramped.

My hands shook and quivered. It was so chilly outside that it had to be at least 20 degrees, and all I had on was a ruggy light blue coat that I had received from the homeless shelter, along with matching mittens.

“Are you cold?” Before I can say anything he wraps his arms around me, and I instantly feel more secure and safe.

“Not anymore,” I smile at him, and we head through the garden hand in hand. Lucas reaches in his pocket and pulls out a key, before he puts the key in the slot he looks at me.

“Don’t worry. My parents will love you, trust me, Dev.” 


I don’t know about that one. I look like some poor girl with drabby clothes on. They’ll probably hate me by just taking one look at me. I gulped and try not to look worried, but that was impossible. My nerves always get the best of me. 

Lucas opens the door, and we headed inside. Their house was just as gorgeous as it was when it was on the outside. When you first walk in, there was the foyer with a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling top. The jewels dangled making a noise like as if it was a lullaby.

Their living room was a huge open room; it was really spacey. I had honestly never seen a living room this big. There was a wide flat screen TV paneled against the wall underneath a cozy fireplace. Along with little Christmas decorations (mostly stockings) hanging over the fireplace.

They had two long black leathered couches, which probably coast over thousands of dollars. The coffee table was placed in front of their couches. In one corner sat the Christmas tree. It was the prettiest tree I had ever seen. Just by looking at it, you could already feel that Christmas-y feeling.

A variety of different ornaments dangled on the Christmas tree’s branches, along with candy canes hooked on the dark green and red tinsel. On top was a tiny, lighted white angel, making the tree complete.

To me the tree was beautiful. It certainly looked a lot better than what our tree usually looked like. Not that we did have many Christmas trees. When my parents weren’t stoned, they’d go out and buy a mini plastic Christmas tree that had already been decorated.

One of the many reasons why I hated Christmas.

I twirled my strawberry blonde locks. I was beyond nervous right now.


A little black and white mutt comes around the corner, and dashes towards Lucas and I. 

“What’s that?” Okay, I knew what it was obviously. It just came out wrong. I meant to say ‘what’s his name’? Oh, well.

“A dog, silly,” Lucas chuckles picking up the little black and white ball of fur. The dog licks Lucas’s chin, and jumps up and down at the sight of me. “This is Cocoa Puffs.” Lucas explains pointing at the mutt.

Cocoa Puffs? The mutt looked in no shape or form like a Cocoa Puff! Maybe an Oreo, but a Cocoa Puff? Not at all…

“She looks more like an Oreo.” I stated, petting Cocoa Puff.

“Yeah, well when we first got her she’d always steal my little brother’s cocoa puffs off the table when he wasn’t looking. And her name just stuck.” He exclaims. Hearing the story of how Cocoa Puff was named was really sweet hearing. 

“That’s sweet.”

He flashes me another smile and we walk into the living room. Being in another person’s home was strange. You didn’t know whether or not to take off your shoes or don’t sit down.

Therefore I slipped my shoes off and decided to stand. A middle aged woman walked into the room. Her obviously dyed blonde hair was pulled back into a bun, she was holding a mug which I’m guessing she was one of those coffee freaks who had to have one every morning.

She wasn’t tall but she wasn’t short either. She wore a Christmas sweater similar to the one that I was wearing. She sweetly smiled at me.

“Lucas, who is this lovely lady?”


Lovely? I smiled at the thought that she called me ‘lovely’. It definitely boosted up my confidence in Lucas’s parent’s liking me. 

“This is Devany. I met her yesterday,” Lucas exclaims, tugging his arm around my waist. His mom extended her hand out, and I gracefully took it.

“It’s nice to meet you Devany! This is so exciting; Lucas has never brought over one of his little friends!” She giggled, bringing me into a big bear hug.

Even if she was a stranger, she gave me more love than even my own parents did. 

“Oh, and call me Liv sweetie!” From only knowing Liv for five seconds you could already tell that she was the hyper type. Her hand shook as she held her hot coffee in her hands. And I already loved her sweetness and her personality.

“Dale! Come down here,” She shouted from the top of her lungs. I’m guessing she was calling for her husband to come down the stairs.

A heavy set middle aged man wobbled down the stairs. He had on Christmas pajamas and a Homer Simpson t-shirt. What was left of his hair was combed back, and rather messy. Lucas definitely got his looks from his mother. 

“Dale, this is Devany. One of Lucas friends!” Liv shouts enthusiastically, motioning him to come over here faster.

I smiled at him and waved. I thought meeting Lucas’s parents would be awkward, but to my surprise it wasn’t. They were actually pretty cool.

“Merry Christmas," I said politely.

“You, too.”

I was never the one to tell someone ‘merry Christmas’ because simply to me there was nothing merry about Christmas. A short lanky boy came running down the stairs.

“It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” He shouted. I had estimated that he was about six maybe even seven. 

He was just like any little kid on Christmas. Excited and hyper to open his presents. I never did get Christmas presents on Christmas morning. My parents were always in bed the whole day because the night before they were out partying and had hangovers.

Oh, how much I despised Christmas.

The little boy was eyeballing the presents under the Christmas tree. “Can we open presents now?” He pleaded followed by a whine.

“Of course you can, Ryan. Dale go get the camera!” Liv ordered pointing over at a door that must have been where the camera was.

“Devany, this is Ryan, my youngest son,” Liv says smiling as she pats Ryan’s head. “Aren’t you going to say hi, Ryan?”

“Hi.” And that was all that he had said. He must not be a very big talker. 

He reminded me of Lucas. Especially in the looks department. He had the same sky eyes as Lucas did, and he was pretty tall for his age. Which Lucas was too.  His hair was spiked up; I guess he was trying to act like a bad boy. Instead of saying anything, I just waved and smiled like a fool.

Dale comes back with a camera in his hands, and Liv clapped her hands together. “Okay Ryan, you can open your presents now! So can you Lucas.” Lucas shakes his head.

“Actually I’m going outside. Dev, wanna come with me?”


I nod as he takes my hand, and we head out the front door, Cocoa Puffs following behind us.

“Why did you want to come out here?” I asked him curiously, as Cocoa Puffs tumbles around in the snow right next to me. I can’t help but smile at her cuteness. Lucas fumbles and plays with his fingers nervously.

“Well, um I know we haven’t known each other for a long time, but I was wondering. Would you want to be my girlfriend?”

I gulped. So he actually really did like me? Despite what happened last night at the party, I really liked him too. But I didn’t want to tell him what I’ve been trying to keep from him. He couldn’t know about me not being rich, I wasn’t even close to rich. I was homeless.

If he knew he wouldn’t look at me the same.

“Dev?” Lucas’s hands flash back and forth across my face; I jump and shake the images out of my head. Maybe I should just tell him the truth.

“Lucas… you wouldn’t want to date someone like me. I’m the complete opposite of you! You’re a really sweet and nice guy, and you deserve someone much better and worthy of you!”

The words struck him like lighting; he looked confused and hurt. And I didn’t blame him; if I were him I would have felt the same way.

“What are you talking about, Dev? You’re sweet, smart, and pretty! You’re everything that I look for in a girl.” His tears quickly ran down his face, and I couldn’t bare it anymore.

“Because I’m homeless.”

I had to run. This was what I was talking about everything bad happening at Christmas time.

I was cursed.


I couldn’t help the tears that were flowing down my cheeks like a river. I walked slowly away, Cocoa Puffs following behind me. The snow held me down, and I had to kick my way through.

I knew he couldn’t hear me, but I said it anyways, “I’m sorry.”

I had to do it. I closed my eyes, so I wouldn’t be tempted to go back. I turned my head back; he was nearly ten yards away from me. He wouldn’t have understood anyways.

This Christmas was a nightmare, worse than all the others. It was the worst than being homeless or losing my parents. I had hurt somebody who actually wanted to be with me, and I had felt the same towards him.

But it had to happen; I was destined to be alone forever.

“Wait,” A muffled and familiar voice said from behind me, I turned around and it was Lucas again. No matter how many times my brain had told me to just run, I didn’t. I launched myself at him, clinging tightly at him. “I don’t care if you’re homeless; meeting you was the best thing that has ever happened to me.” He breathed.

Before I could process what was happening, he pulled my head towards his, crushing my lips onto his. The butterflies inside me seemed to warm what chill had been placed there by the white flurries that poured down on us. His lips tasted like peppermint. My first kiss.

“That was my first kiss,” I admit as we pulled away from each other.

“Mine too,” He blushes shyly. I couldn’t help but pull him back for another one of his delicious kisses.

The song ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ played out of nowhere. I didn’t care to look around because all I knew was that I wanted him for Christmas. Despite my hatred for Christmas, this was the best Christmas, and even I couldn’t deny that. If it wasn’t for Lucas, I wouldn’t have ever changed my mind about Christmas. I guess if I had never had a holiday hookup things wouldn’t be the same.


… I guess I should really thank the tequila company.


© Copyright 2018 Auden. All rights reserved.

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