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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
A girl with a twisted idea on how to be beautiful.

Submitted: February 18, 2012

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Submitted: February 18, 2012



Every night she prays that this night will be her last, but there is no God. She's tired of constantly fighting this battle with herself. She fills her stomach with pills yet again.

She stares at herself in the mirror feeling so sick and disgusted with this life. Her short auburn hair falls around her bony face, greasy. She hasn't washed in days, but what's the point? Her hazel eyes are bloodshot, and so very dark. They hold many stories, but she wants them to die along with her and her memories.

Her dainty hands are shaking as she glances down at the knife she holds. Her wrists are dripping crimson blood from the slices she carved.

She just wants to be beautiful. She raises the knife to her face, and cuts out a chunk of flesh. It feels painfully good. She won't be ugly with no face at all. She smiles, a real smile, the first real smile that she's smiled for the longest time. She laughs as the flesh from her face falls to the ground piece by piece.

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