Stay Strong

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For my lover Dolor and little sister Ace

Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



Staring up toward the night sky

Shaking but high with pride

Funny how the best, they die

Almost makes you wonder why should we even try?

Every now and then even I

Find myself wondering why am I, here?

When will I disappear?

Is there anything worth it here?


If I die tonight, just know that I tried

To find the light on the other side

To see it through, just for you

That's all I try to do

I'll fight and fight to keep you alive

If the devil rises tonight

Stay strong


Realizing now I never met you halfway

Takes all your courage to stay

If you only had a way to see

Pain is not to bleed

Searchlights to fill the need, I won't say you're filled with greed

But there's no need to plead

I'm here for you always


It's true I can't make you stay,

But these words can't be washed away,

Everything that you do and say,

I'm here for you in every way.

Just remember when I tell you,

I'd give my life for both of you.

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