A Promise Is Broken

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story of mortality and immortality and its adverse effects

Submitted: November 17, 2012

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Submitted: November 17, 2012



“I am going alone.”

And she cried

The tears stream down her face

“Don’t go at all”

She sobbed

“Stay with me. I love you.”

She held me tight

I wrapped her in an embrace

It felt like we stood like that for an eternity

I kissed her long and hard

“I have to go.”

I said as I turned and walked away

“I promise I will be back.”

I turned my head and smiled

It was strained and she knew

We both knew

It was a promise I may not be able to keep

She fell to her knees and wept

And I walked away

Sword in hand

Grim faced

To battle

I fought hard

Defeated many foes

I was injured badly

But I fought on

Finally I fell

I awoke not long after

Surrounded by the bodies of foes

My men walking away

Heads bent

They thought I was dead

I arose and ran toward them



“I’m alive. Weep not for I live.”

They did not hear

I ran past

A cart pulled bodies ahead of them

I ran and ran

It was a mad sprint back to my love

I saw her where we had embraced before I left

She still wept

On her knees

I went and knelt beside her

“I came back. Mary I am here as I promised”

But she did not hear she wept to loudly

The men and cart arrived

“Mary tis me John. I kept my promise”`

I tried to console her still

My second in command knelt in front of her

Laid his hand upon her shoulder

He said something to her

I could not make it out it was garbled

Her face went white

I am sure he told her I had died

I screamed

“I am right here Mary they are mistaken.”

She rose and ran to the cart

They removed a tarp

She fell to the ground

Weeping harder then I had ever seen

How could the not see me

“Mary I think I am dead”

The words where weird

I walked slowly

And looked upon the face

The face that made her weep

I looked upon my own face.

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