My Black Heart

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I had an overwhelming feeling that I should write this, the whole time I had my girlfriend in mind. I am not used to writing love poems so I doubt it's as good as my other work but feedback is always welcome and encouraged.

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012



I can't afford to buy you expensive things,

I can't take you out to fancy resturants,

I can only offer you one thing,

My heart,

Though it is bruised and cut,

It is my only precious item,

I hold no worldly possesions that compare,

But with it comes a responsability,

For in your hands it must be protected,

If harm should come to it,

I won't survive,

As I said it is hurt,

And seems to be falling apart at the seems,

But I believe that with your care it can be healed,

If you wish to see a monster,

What a person becomes when they loose it all,

Please prove me wrong and let my heart fall apart,

I do not give it lightly or easily,

My past does not allow me to,

But I truely love you,

Like the first day I met you,

My heart leaps when I gaze upon you,

I don't simply ignore other girls but look at them,

Thinking with all my heart that none compare to you,

You truely have all of me,

I am yours do with me as you wish,

I will fallow you to the end of time,

I will not walk away from you,

You can beat me,



And I will still love you with all my heart,

My broken, bleeding, deadening heart,

Here is the key to the chest I use to protect it,

It is yours to do with and use as you wish,

You can ignore it and watch it and me fall apart,

Or pour your love into it saving my heat and my being.

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