Slumber To Awaken

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This is something I dealt with a few years ago and am glad I got through it ok. Everything in there are true experiences I had gone through.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



With out hope life is meaningless,

My experience has shown me this,

It all happened years ago now,

But still the memory is there,

In the back of my mind,

Haunting me,

Taunting me,

It almost has a mind of its own,

And sometimes when I am feeling weak,

Small parts of that time take over,

I become the monster I once was,

No emotion,

No hope,

It started the first time I got hurt,

It was the first but not the last,

I only felt hurt after that,

Reapetedly hurt,

Over and over,

At that point I decided to stop feeling,

No joy,

No sorrow,

No anger,

Nothing at all,

I needed something to help me feel real,

Physical pain and the suffering of others,

I tried to end it,

To end the nothing I had become,

To kill the monster,

I thought death was my only freedom,

But I couldn't die,

I looked in the mirror,

Tears streaming down my face,

Popped the pills,

Washing them down with half a bottle of jack,

And still I lived,

I held a blade to my throat,

But I couldn't do it,

It felt wrong to use the blade in that way,

I had become fascinated with them,

Any type of blade,

They had become my only friend,

They still fascinate me,

But for now the monster slumbers,

Still I will always fear his awakening.

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