War Games Revealed

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How I feel about war. It was inspired by my cousin who just about died fighting in iraq.

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



I was a kid only a couple years ago

playing war games,

I wish I would have known then

what I know now,

War is not a game,

It's bodies everywhere,

Being afraid to sleep,

Always afraid,

I have blood stains on my hands

that can never be washed away,

They call me a hero,

Tell me my country is proud,

But when I look in the mirrior all I see

is a murderer with mud on his face,

They told me it was an honourable way to make money

sling this rifle on my back and travel the world,

It's true I have seen many different places but also

I have killed many types of people,

Understand me when I tell you that war is not a game

it's a small peice of hell,

Specifically designed to make the strong weak

and the weak break,

I was one of the lucky ones I started strong

and became weak,

Sometimes laying alone I feel my mind unwinding,

You never leave the front lines, everyone you know

becomes your enemy,

And again I tell you know

War is not a game,

Don't let it find you,

You will never be the same,

Don't play war.

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