The Rendezvous of Two Souls

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A simple story written in a mystifying way that shall inspire and take your breath away.

Submitted: September 29, 2009

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Submitted: September 29, 2009



It was a normal day for me, sitting at home in my \"desky\". Doing what i usually do, until the clock hit 4 pm. I wore my house clothes, didn't expect anything to happen until i arrived at my destination. Someone invited me to a gathering that shall be taking place somewhere down south. A route which i usually do not tread. After \"taking in\" this invitation, I drove home in speed. I was allowed to go because it has been a long while since I got out of my den. This was a chance not to be passed for it was planned in advance, not by me but by Him-- Jesus. I didn't know what He planned then.

I left home at 7ish but got to the rendezvous at 8. As usual the straight line of unmoving cars caught up in my pace. I was wearing comfy casual top and bottom, put on perfume to counter the inevitable smell that will stick to me when I exit the place.

We arrived at our destination by 9. The parking was troublesome because this place was built for people in high-socio economic status. The rain poured like oil to a wet pan.

At last we arrived at the venue. But in order to get in, there was a certain fee that should be paid, which I willingly shelled out. I met people introduced to me by a friend. Meet and greet, the first step to starting a conversation but I failed.

I sampled one glass of \"something green\" but didn't feel any dizzying sensation. It was I think a fake plus its free so I expected not as much. I stood there feeling the deafening noise and making my body move to the catchy beat. I saw an opening at the long table, mind you I'm not speaking of a wedding celebration. I sat there for there was nothing left for me to do. I was an outsider with only a single link connecting me to the swarm of people.

The night was getting to be a yawning marathon. Loud music, people cheering, dancing and jumping to the beat, dragged me to the down beat. It was my first time to be in such a place. Back in high school I was an ideal child. I go to school, study and then go home. I rarely made mistakes but they sure were remorseful. Not that I regret it but it sure was part of life. God guided me all the way. I did not fret, not an ounce even. Getting back to the story line, I expected much more from such an event. But if you come here alone and you have my sense of perception, this could might as well be a night for the living dead. If you get my drift...

Out of the blue, a friend was introduced to me. We shook hands and she tried to teach me how to dance. I didn't feel like moving a muscle. I just declined and sat in the corner once again. Out of all the people in the said place, there was one girl that caught all my attention. The music stopped flowing, all was moving in a sluggish kinda way. It felt like all the people's souls had left the room and their bodies seemed like empty shells. There she was, as clear as the night's sky full of stars in the dark oblivion; radiating in luminescent glow that I vulnerably stared for minutes that felt like ages. But then suddenly there was an excruciating thought that hit me knocking me back to my senses. It was my subconscious speaking “Yes she's beautiful, yes she's lovely but do you think your dream catcher can catch that dream girl?\" I was stunned and then the blood that was once flowing to my head like turrets was now retreating to their natural places. Sadly, the lifeless thought won most of my thoughts, but still from time to time I glance at her while she gracefully expresses herself. As for me, I was just gracefully sitting and staring in a high chair observing everything.

As I felt that we shall soon be leaving this place, with me full of regret, I had the urge to go and talk to her. But as my natural self, I thought that I had no chance on even getting a \"hi, hello\" scenario. Ever since I was a kid I was shy. In school I didn't talk that much unless I was talked to. I recited when it was required and not when volunteers were asked to rise. There were times that I performed on stage but it was always with a band or a group, never alone. Thus, this act of getting to know her needs tons of confidence, which I do not possess unless in emergency situations obviously, I was bound to fail horribly.

Out of nowhere, the girl who wanted me to dance came up to me again to try her luck and asked for another chance. Well, I was getting really bored so I welcomed her invitation and she smiled widely. While trying to dance to the rhythm, my partner suddenly disappeared which did not surprise me, seeing myself dance unwillingly would initiate the same reaction. After a few minutes she came back bringing three lady friends to meet me. It was dark for the lights were flickering making your movements seem robot like. I met the two first girls and then she, the one I was telling you about that made chronos cease to exist.

Her name is as sweet her scent. The music was loud enough for us not to hear each other even at a ruler's length. So we talked like we were whispering but shouting to overpower the noise. My heart was racing, my body wanted to jump vertically and horizontally, and my soul was silently shouting something I haven't heard or felt before.

In short, I didn't know what to do now that I am standing next to the girl that I had my eyes on for the longest time in the evening. This was counted as an emergency, right? So, I pulled myself together and prevent collapsing or ruining the moment that I role played in my head not knowing that it could actually happen. But I still prepared for the worst, for this was not exactly my field of expertise, I mean I like girls but not that talking to them was my preferred choice of action. Then this? Talking, dancing and getting to know? Got to love life for giving me such situations that test my capability of acting in any kind of situation. Well, its now or never. This moment may come or not come again, this is it, a once in an evening experience that I don't get everyday, no, ever is the exact word. To \"heaven\" with it! I'm going for broke, I am all in.

The usual scenario for this kind of thing as I have seen in Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, and One Tree Hill--these are my favorite series by the way was to talk to her, offer her a drink and then ask her number and walk her home. Then, it's up to your chemistry that night and impression while dancing or just conversing if there will be a second date. Punch lines/ pick-up lines are a must for most guys. Girls who fell for these are either girls who party often or are social climbers. But for most guys, who are similarly like me but not in all aspects, they just put themselves out there, not caring what he or she will think. By the way I don't drink. Well, if there's a special occasion I do take a sip or two. Unlike typical guys that drink just for fun and self esteem satisfaction and nothing else. Oh, I almost forgot to get girls. How cheap. I also don't have vices, that's why most people see me as a \"KJ\" meaning kill joy. Coz' when we go out i just sit and observe. They drink, I don't. They smoke, I go out. If there's one thing I hate, it's secondhand smoke. I don't want to die just yet, if they want to, then they can do it alone. They don't have to include me. I have many plans in this limited lifetime.

Well, as expected of me, the good boy, the first scenario did not happen as it would in TV shows, Instead it went exactly how I wanted it to happen. A casual talk, some personal information sharing, just sitting and standing while drinking nothing or inhaling cancerous air. Your wondering how? That's because we went outside obviously. We went to the balcony, talked about our families. I was the first one to ask, surprisingly. I’m just me. No pretensions. I started by asking how many siblings she had and she answered three. There were moments of silence, I felt nervous because in this scenario, this is the part where the girl isn't or is interested in you or the make or break stage but in contrast to that she just smiled and asked me how many did I have back. I was relieved to answer, so I counted my fingers back and forth and she wondered why, maybe she was thinking that we were like a dozen or two, then finally I said two. It caught me by surprise because she laughed at my self-made joke and her smile was mesmerizing. It made my heart race again, that's why I was sweating all night. It made my hanky dripping wet.

To my bewilderment it was like we have known each other since we were little kids and this was the second time we talked after 7 years, mystifying yet breathtaking.

Well, that's how we met. To my awe, she was like me which was rare in this generation, single. No vices. Hates smoke! Occasionally a drinker (not more than a bottle), Nursing course, similar likes and dislikes and TMTM. Our chemistry was undeniable or coz' after a few days she told me what she first thought about me the very first time she saw me. Would you believe that she felt the same?? Not exactly the same that would be too much of a coincidence in a night. First, she also had her eyes on me and did not also want to come to me coz' that would be too forward for a girl right? It was my fault for not talking to her in the first place, but thanks to a friend we connected before I lost my one out a hundred chance of talking to someone I really like.

Now, I know that if you don't take a risk you will indeed be safe. But the regret that eats you up inside is far worse than failing tragically. You tried and failed badly, what do you do next? Stand up and try again. Most people try for three times then give up. As for me, with Him as my guide trails and obstacles are just there to hone my skills, teach me something that cannot be taught by words, test my mental capability if I would fall to the dark side or choose to walk the hardest path, Path of the Light. It suddenly occurred to me that if something is of extreme value there will always be someone pulling you back or restraining you from moving forward to getting close to it. Just like a Christian that backslides. He wants to come back but the hands that are pulling him down are innumerable and much too strong of a grip. That only can be surpassed if you seek His help. He shall walk with you and carry you if it is too much for His beloved child. I thank God wholeheartedly for everything. For my family, relatives in the US who are graciously continuing their support on our struggling family, friends in the church who were there ever since and school friends who will not disappear till our Lord wills it to be so.

I was praying to God, if I remember correctly 1 yr and 7 months exactly for Him to guide me in meeting \"The One\". It was a long shot but I am glad that I trusted Him and took that shot in life. Hopefully, this is His answer. This incident wasn't coincidence. Neither was it an accident. Now I know what His plans were though not fully but if I follow Him I won't go astray. For in this world there are no such things. That's why I believe that our rendezvous was neither fate nor destiny as others might say sometimes interchangeably. Praying is usually done by people when they have no one to turn to but they tend to forget that He must be the very first you turn to regarding everything. Ask and He will provide.

This is was written out of the pureness and unselfish feeling called love. This is dedicated to Carmela Emery Espidido Evilla whom I adore and love with all of me. Without her this would have been impossible to commit. I am truly indebted to you for sharing your life with mine. I love you my

------- Septlayshua 7&19

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