Revelation Tunnel - first draft/rough draft

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A journey to humility and appreciation.

Table of Contents

The map fell onto the floor and she bumped her head against the dash board when she leaned over to get it. She was so tired and didn’... Read Chapter

Monica suddenly realized she took a wrong turn when she stopped pondering about her issues. She calmly turned around to go back through... Read Chapter

Monica was not in the mood for a nap right away so she thought a spa day might help her sort things out regarding the argument with Fra... Read Chapter

Now was a good time to check out clothing at their online shop while she waited for the food to arrive. She wanted something low key so... Read Chapter

Monica walked to the door as quickly as she could get out of there and move on to the next shop. As she stepped out the door she saw a ... Read Chapter

Monica walked out onto the side walk to get the sight of those shoes into better focus. They were definitely the right color, but were ... Read Chapter

“My name is … I will call you Mikey. My name is not important right now. You look just like someone I know.” Monica remembered sh... Read Chapter

Monica made it back to the bar just as she saw the lights being turned off and she quickly flung open the door hoping she was not locke... Read Chapter

Monica didn’t know what to say to Mikey’s revelation. She was extremely excited and scared for her life all at once. She got off th... Read Chapter