Minotaur's Labyrinth

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Everything looks surreal in the world where danger lurks around every corner...Can the lads and maidens survive the imminent attack about to happen?

Submitted: May 25, 2012

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Submitted: May 25, 2012



Could we survive this?” This was the only question that raced through my mind as I wandered into the endless passage of the cave.

I could hear the loud screams of my fellow men. We were seven and seven, a bunch of young lads and ladies picked up from the lot! We were thrown into this dusty place for no reason, or it was what we thought till now!

“Why would they put us here?” My mind raced while I was busy running, sweating and panting heavily within the cave like boulders that surrounded us. The bushes and trees were so huge that even a pinch of light struggled to pass through.

No one can assume the time of the day or whether it is even day time now! I mindlessly believed that if all fourteen of us could group together, we had better chances of survival and find a way out of this place.

I ran as fast as my heels could carry me when I heard a faint growl and the death stricken scream of my fellow mate.

“What the…” terror numbed my feet but I know I couldn’t stop now especially with a growl which spoke of instant death, nothing else.

In the distant, I could see some of them running away from something. Something that is large, ran on four legs like a horse and had a death defying growl that sent cold chills down my spine. I could see nothing but my conscience knew that my life was in danger.

One by one, they vanished into thin air. Or, it was what I could assume as I gathered up all my strength and ran faster but I was no match for the hoofed creature that chased me with a blood curling scream.

Suddenly, I realized I was running in circles and this was a labyrinth designed for rats, or me! There is no way out of it unless, the creature is dead. I would rather say, killed. Frantically, I searched for something and found a large sword hidden behind the bushes. My last ray of hope!

As I turned, I came face to face with the menacing Minotaur which towered in front of me, ready to rip me into pieces but with all my years of experience, I can try my blow relying on sheer luck. And, I did. I ducked when the Minotaur charged towards me and pierced the sword right into its bottom.

With a loud scream, the Minotaur fell down. It was bleeding but still alive. The creature wanted to see me dead, but I am not going to give up that easy, at least not without a fair fight! I tightened by grip on the sword as it charged towards me one more time…

All of a sudden, it vanished into thin air. All I could see was pieces of numbers written in squares in the place where the creature stood. The rocks and trees were painted with digital sequences as well.

I just realized.

“Enough, of it,” my dad removed the glasses off me with a smile.

“So…” he waited for me to respond.
“It’s awesome, Dad. I loved the way the place is designed and the sensors just made me feel it was real, really,” I jumped in excitement.

“Anyways, we are still experimenting. So, never mind the bugs,” he apologized for the digital sequences that came up when I was busy fighting.

“I would love to play it again.”
“Soon,” he replied as we came out of the Minotaur’s Labyrinth game development lab.

Year | 2075 A.D.

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