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this is for the real things that actually happened in my life......a tribute ....
I had a crush on a girl but she was above my level. she deserved better guys. So I decided to raise my level.. Decided to be an officer in Indian Air Force, but failed at last moment....
But one day I will be an officer,a warrior,a gentleman and your her husband.......

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012



For I tried and bruised my limbs For I strived but no accomplishments Yes I went to be a man that day had a million hopes in my head but crashed on last barrier and could not go through..

For my wife and my boy is a fantacy now For the time I've spent to fancy you Oh! how childishly I used to act so that you look back and contact your round eyes with that of mine..

And I still remember that day we shared the same bench and that made my day and though I was sweating a lot but in mind wondering to tie the knot with the most amazing girl sitting to my right..

For my ideas about you and our future And I still go through your pictures and how much I loved your smile reason for my acting juvenile though no match,but desperately wanted you......

Still I am an ugly frog and you a princess But I, I promise I'll be better than this so that I can win your heart an officer stud,suave and smart the world in one hand and your hand clutched in other one...

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