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Well sometimes, a thing of beauty (which is a joy forever)inspires and motivates you to succeed.
Let us see how...

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012




You  dance
We glance
and as your body advance
for a partner in the dumbstruck audience
Your erotic body, feels so appealing to me
Your charming face, looks so beautiful to me
and I watch you coming as if in a trance
Speaking from your face is a divine glow
and as you walk past me, to my heart it is a major blow
and as you choose your man behind me
we all croon "Ohhh!"
But that's okay
I won't complain anyone or say
because he was a hunk, with muscles tighter
But look at me
I'm a failed god-damned writer
But in my country as they say
every dog has its day
so no worries, no tensions, no regrets  at all
because every man was there, at the zenith, after a deep fall
Girls love success and power,
It is for sure
So from now onwards I have to go
No power cuts,
  wagging butts,
  rippling busts,
but only power lust, 
can bother me
and I will smother my every desire to fulfill my dream
and yes you can call me nuts
and I'm destined to be a great writer
and there is no other way for me
and one day I'll come to you, and propose you to marry me.
and the life after that would be a different, private story. ;-)

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