Black Vow Alluring Secret

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic

Forbidden fruit tastes wonderful...Until you have to pay the price

A girl lost in an ally way of town, hurt and abused.

However, a woman with blue eyes like jewels comes upon the fallen

angel and offers a hand in black. The broken angel fell in lover at first sight amd

was willing to sacrifice everything- including her wings.

The taboo box, now open, gave an an entrance to a beautiful red apple of

forbidden love. Between ann angel and human, unforgivable love was created and trust was destroyed.

Even so, the pitiful angel, fallen in love with a woman who possessed jewel like eyes,

gave up her wings.

A secret, hidden from the pitiful wingless angel, was that the woman was engaged to a man of

her kind. The bride- the woman who possessd jewel like eyes- dyed jet black had nothing more to

say and pushed the pitiful angel away; dazed and confused.

"I will give up my wings and throw myself to the demons." the pitiful heartbroken angel whispered

The bride, now having the vows spoken at the crack of dawn, saw a man with sorrow filled eyes dressed in

white. At the moment their eyes met, the bride in black fell in love and was offered a hand; she was

willing to give up her vows and...

Betrayed everything.

With passion growing, the sorrow filled man and black bride break the vows. The bride had tasted

forbidden fruit, fruit that she desired.


Tha taboo box that was opened, used to misplace wings of a fallen angel, transforms into a deadly price of

loss. That pitiful heartbroken wingless angel had forgotten about her love in the sky, the ruler of the heavens,

who now had fired the black bride out of rage.

"My love...My beautiful girl...I swore to you that I'd give up anything to be with you forever." the man with sorrow said

A gentle kiss awaken the black bride and sees the man but as the pitiful heartbroken wingless angel then...


The price now paid in full, the black bride cries in agony- holding a black feather. A secret of an angel, of ahuman has become a deadly weapon of black vows. The sins rotted away until they meet again.

Submitted: June 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Aura Kritter. All rights reserved.

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