Oni 2/3

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(Seeing as how just the first part got A LOT of views, I took that as a hint to make part two! So here we go! Anything put in *'s is an action. Anything slanted is a thought.)

Submitted: June 27, 2012

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Submitted: June 27, 2012



Oni Part 2/3

Japan: All the doors are locked, no windows...What kind of house- *bang!* What the...?

  He walks down the hall to the right and opens the last door at the hall.

Japan: ...Bedroom...Sleeping sounds nice but I have to find a way out. More importantly see if anyone is in here. *bang!* What is that noise? Hey, is someone there?

  He hears a muffled voice behind the steel door at the wall across from him

Japan: . . .

  Finally, he decides to open it carefully and steps back as a person steps out; shaking vioently.

Japan: G-Germany..! What happened?! Are you alright!? *slap!* Snap out of it!

Germany blinks then smiles slightly upon seeing Japan before frowing

Japan: What happened...?

Germany: I-I don't know...Something gray appeared in front of us when we were waiting by the door so we ran. I guess we must've split up and hid. But i know where Italy went.

Japan: Really? Where?

Germany: He followed me until he turned left and went somewhere down there. I'm not sure if he stayed there or not but I'm sure he went in that direction.

Japan: I'll go take a look then and come back to you.

  Japan was about to leave until Germany grabs his arm quickly

Japan: ...? What now?

Germany: No way am I letting you go alone. I know at school we've never gotten along but...We have to put our difference aside.

 Someone else enters the room and Japan spins around to see Romano

Japan and Germany: ROMANO!?

Romano: Si! I was lookin' for my brother Italy but..Finding two people in one shot is even bet- Oh, hello Japan.

  Japan sighs while rolling his eyes

Romano: Nothin' to say? Fine with me.

Germany: *smacks Romano* Knock it off! We can't afford to waste time fighting like this! Romano, as much as you hate Japan, you need to like him even if it is a little.

Romano: And why should I!?

Germany: Because if we keep fighting like this, none of us are going to get out alive!

Japan and Romano: . . .

Germany: Like I told Japan a minute ago, we need to put our differences aside.

Romano: ....Yeah, you're right...Sorry, Japan.

Japan: It's fine, you're just in shock right?

Romano: Hell yeah, after seein that gray thing...Anyhow, let's find Italy.

Japan, Germany, and Romano go down the opposite end of the hall. Each of them sticking close to each other, listening to their footsteps and hearing each other breathe heavily. They make it to the end of the hall until a flash of light explodes from the other side of the door

Romano: ITALY!

  Romano rushes into the room, Japan and Germany quickly following to see Italy laying on the floor; unconcious until his eyes open. Everyone letting out a heavy sigh of relief while Romano helped Italy to his feet.

Italy: Ve~ Sorry guys...I had to fight that...Alien thing.

Japan: Alien?

Italy: Si, it was short and chubby looking but it had a long neck and torn looking gray skin with red eyes. Thankfully England taught me some spells.

Germany: We'll have to thank that magic idiot when we see him.

Italy: Ve~! I'm really thirsty..

Japan: There should be a running sink maybe...I'll look for water.

Germany: But-

Japan: I'll be alright. I have a few tricks up my sleeve in case I meet any of those alien things.

Italy: ....Be careful, Japan.

Japan: I will, I promise. When I come back, I'll have water for you. Lock the door behind me.

Romano: What for?

Japan: In case the thing shows up, if the door is locked then it can't get in, right?

Germany: Good point. Alright, I'll lock it.

  Japan leaves the room, closing the door behind him and waiting to hear a click from the lock before walking away. How did this happen..? Oh right...Italy heard a rumor about this house and begged us to find it with him during the "World Meeting" at the  International Race Club at school...I wonder how many hours it's been. Japan arrives at a door

Japan: How lovely...Another wooden door... *opens it* It's not locked...And it's a bathroom.

  It was clean just like the rest of the house...Spotless clean. He walks up to the sink, turning it on but no water comes out befroe he glances at the toliet

Japan: ...Let's not be so hasty...But then again, the rest of the...house..is clean... *smacks himself* What am I thinking? Screw it, we're already trapped anyhow.

  He searches for a cup and finds a plastic cup then fills it with water but pauses as he was about to leave the bathroom. What if we don't make it out alive? What if all of us don't make it out together? What if...We die here?

Japan: No...I can't think like that...

  Japan leaves the bathroom, hurrying back to the others and knocks on the door; Germany cracks it open slowly then lets Japan in; handing the water to Italy.

Italy: Ve~ Thank you, Japan..!

Japan: Don't mention it.

Germany: We can't stay here forever though. *Japan nods*

Romano: We'll have to search the house and see if we can find any clues...And hopefully the others.

Japan: The only other person with us was Spain...

Italy: I saw Canada here.

Romano, Germany, and Japan: WHAT!?

Italy: You guys often ignore him but he was here with us, I'm not lying. He was with us.

Japan: ...Why do we ignore Canada?

Germany: Who knows...I never noticed him, he's so quiet.

Romano: Well, whatever the case, we still need to find him and Spain. Let's hope they're alright.

....If they haven't been attacked yet...






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