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Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013




I seriously want to blog about things.. but I just don’t know where to begin. work, friends, sex, boys, dance, school.. ALL OF THEE above. 

I made this tumblr mainly for me to be able to write about my life like a little public diary.. the goal was to make it like sex and the city.. only difference is Carrie Bradshaw wrote books. I just want to write blogs. 

“since sex became easier to find, love became harder to find” When did things get so much more complicated than just going to movies and dinner. 

WORK. i lOVE working at bww, just sometimes.. certain people.. VERY few people try n walk over me and most of them has my back =] and Im going to be pretty sad when i leave to new york.. ill miss the atmosphere and how chill it is..  NOW R.L. holy crap I start my training for being a bartender today =] its gonna be interesting. i seriously was about to quit that spot.. but thanks to one of my managers who fought for me to be in the bar =D MY DREAM FINALLY came true!

I tend to over analyze EVERYTHING.. now do i let it stop me from achieving goals .. heck no! but does it make things more complicated for myself .. heck yea.. 

i just can’t wait.. because in 6 months from now.. ill be on my way to NYC and create issues and problems.. but at least it will be NYC drama haha =]

FRIENDS.. i love my friends.. i don’t believe in the saying my REAL friends..because EVERYONE is REAL.. you just know which friends are for what situations.. and SOME FRIENDS are just best for EVERY SITUATION IN LIFE =]

urgh now I’m lazy.. this kind of reminds me of a zanga.. =] this shall be fun <3

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