timing is EVERYTHING


I watched the movie “the rebound.’ it was an amazing movie that made me realize one thing in life. TIMING IS EVERYTHING. A friend always told me “what’s the right guy, if it isn’t the right time.” 

I see a lot of my friends at my age with their guy of their dreams. Some of my friends are getting married and having kids. So what am I doing wrong? Now who said I was wrong? Life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey to get there. Why not enjoy the ride.

I would like to say 95% of guys I’ve dated recently, or the few that I actually open up to.(as you can tell i hold my feelings in and its rare for me to put my feelings on the table) Any who, they always find their new girlfriend almost INSTANTLY after I secretly want to put my guard down. Kind of like the movie “good luck chuck.” YUP! that’s me. I’m a little mixture of both jessica alba and the guy who plays chuck. I have Jessica’s goofyness and clumsiness but my luck with guys is as chucks luck with girls. For the longest time I’ve been conteplating on what could possibly be wrong. WHY does this happen to me ALL THE TIME. Then today, I realized… timing is everything. So I’m letting go of all these dumb questions like “what’s wrong with me,” “what am I doing wrong?” “Should I be more picky?” “should i be LESS picky?” I’m finally letting all these things go and just enjoy the journey with no questions asked. for the most part at least. Hopefully this last, because the one thing I love most about life, is being perfectly 100% okay with how my life is. Just work harder to make MYSELF better mentally and physically and in life. To improve my soul, morals, education, and health. Everything else in life, will fall into place. 

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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