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Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013




Actions speak louder then words 
Always think before you do
You only live once 
Never have regrets

All these quotes we hear through out our lives 
all these types of advice we hear.

How do we take it all in. How do we live every moment of life when there’s so much judgement, and opinions in life.

Today we live in a world full of opinions. Every action we do there’s always going to be an opinion right next to it. Wether it’s yours or everyone else’s.

Some people like to say .. Do what you want to do in the moment.. But then there’s “actions have consequences. “
So where do you draw the line. When is it okay to live for the moment. Because

every single thing we do, it affects our future and that right there isn’t a quote it’s a fact on life.

And now there’s the huge saying YOLO you only live once

What is the right way to live this so called life were given.

Why can’t we just support each other and understand each other. We might not have to agree with one another’s actions. But to understand we’re all different is a beautiful thing. After all we all are dealing with judgement and ridicule.

Back to topic. Action. We all die. And it’s very easy for me to grasp subjects but death is concept I’ll never understand . And makes it harder on trying to live for the moment but then again think before you do. I don’t know about you.. But when I’m gone I hope I made an impact on lives. I want my actions to inspire woman and men. I want my life , my decisions, my mistakes, to impact positively on the people around me

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