The Fairy Mission : Fighting the Dragon

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The 7 fairies are having a great time until a new mission comes up. To kill the dragon of Dragons Land. The dragon of Dragons Land is very dangerous. It has killed millions of kings already. Will
Freya and her group save the day?

Submitted: March 30, 2018

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Submitted: March 30, 2018



Fighting the Dragon

Freya was the nicest fairy in Fairy Land. She respected others, helped others, showed empathy for others. She would never get angry but most of the times, she would if you mess with her. Once, Freya got really angry because she was sitting next to her weirdest friend Maya in English Class. Maya would do everything weird. No matter what you ask her, she will do it weird.

“Freya, come down for lunch!” Her godmother called.

“Don’t call your brother Frederick!” Her godfather reminded.

“Why?” Freya asked as she came down the stairs.

“Because he had lunch already!” Her godmother whispered in her ear.

“Oh, okay!”Freya understood as she went to the big white table where she usually used to sit with her group of friends: Amelia, Maya, Serena, Tina, Tamara, and Sara.  Luckily, her group of friends was there waiting for her.

“Freya, we’ve been waiting for you to come!”Tina called out to her. Freya ran as quickly as a cheetah would do on a race.

“We have a new mission,” Freya said as she swiftly got her phone out. “It says that we must defeat the big dragon in Dragons Land.”

“Ooooh! Sounds like a good mission!”Serena smiled. “We need another girl to join our group because we are kind of odd.”

“No, Serena!”Freya disagreed, “One person should stay here and look after Fairy Land! Who wants to take the job?”

Tamara raised her hand up.

“Tamara, are you okay staying here and looking after Fairy Land?” Freya asked,  “The Big Dragon might also come to Fairy Land.”

“Sure! I am fine staying here and looking after this kingdom! You can rely on me!”Tamara replied.

As soon as she said that, the 6 fairies got on their chariots and headed off to Dragons Land. Dragons Land was three blocks away from Fairy Land so it took them 45 minutes to reach there.  When they reached there, they went to the Queen of Dragon Land, Alexandra. Queen Alexandra told them that three of the fairies will be put into the dragon prison while the other three will fight. She also told them that if the three fairies win then they will be able to get the other three fairies back from the dragon prison and if the three fairies do not win, then all of the fairies will go to prison. Freya and the gang agreed reluctantly. The three fairies who were put into prison were Maya, Serena, and Amelia. Freya, Sara, and Tina were really good fighters so they decided to fight the big dragon. After Maya, Serena and Amelia were put into prison, the other three fairies headed to the battlefield.

“Are you ready?” Sara asked.

“Yes, we are!” Tina and Freya said as they put their face forward. As soon as the battle started, the fairies started fighting the dragon. One by one, the fairies sprinkled the magic powder into the dragon’s eyes.

“Aaah!” the dragon shouted as he fell down to the dusty ground.  

“Yes! We succeeded!” Tina said as the fairies high fived each other.

When they got back to Queen Alexandra, the queen freed the three fairies as they head off back to Fairy Land.  When they had reached Fairy Land, Tamara ran to them and gave them a warm hug before they went to sleep. Her nightgown was really beautiful as Freya complimented.

“Thanks!” she replied and off they went to sleep in their warm cozy beds of animal fur.


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